Pond and Lake Water Treatments

pond and lake treatments by heathland group limitedPond and lake dyes and water treatments to improve the ecology of your waterbody

At Heathland Group we have a range of pond, lake and water treatments available to both residential and commercial customers. These help to improve the ecology of your pond, lake, reservoir, or fishery. These include OASE’s Professional Water Technology treatments and pond and lake dyes. We offer these products throughout the United Kingdom for supply only and professional application.

Some of the products in the OASE Professional water treatment range are only available for application by professionals so we can supply and help with using these water treatments.

OASE Professional lake treatments

Oase professional water technology has a range of aquatic treatments for all the different issues that may affect the water quality in your pond, lake, fishery or reservoir.

The OASE professional range of lake and pond water treatments include:

Pond and lake dyes for algae prevention and algae control

Pond Dyes are a safe non-toxic soluBlue Pond Dye added to a boating lake in Norfolk tion for algae control. The pond and lake dyes available from Heathland Group work to control algae by filtering the sunlight, therefore, disrupting the natural process of photosynthesis. This results in any submerged algae or weed being unable to grow and spread. These pond and lake dyes are manufactured using the highest quality colours and are rigorously tested to EU food additive standards meaning they are safe for humans, animals, fish, amphibians and insects.

For further information on any of OASE’s water treatment products, from pond dyes to silt removal, algae and blanketweed treatments please contact us on E-mail: info@heathlandgroup.co.uk