OASE PeriDox Water Treatment for Blanketweed & Parasites

OASE PeriDox Water Treatment, Blanket weed treatment applied by Heathland Group UKOASE PeriDox blanketweed & harmful parasite treatment 

OASE PeriDox water treatment reduces blanketweed and parasites in fish farms and removes harmful organisms, filamentous algae and parasites. Parasites are harmful organisms that can spread on a massive scale. They can weaken fish and cause acute damage to stocks. This water treatment also provides an instant increase in oxygen levels. This water treatment is an effective and proven means of reducing parasite load and maintaining the health of the stock.

PeriDox from OASE’s Professional range to help get rid of blanketweed 

PeriDox prevents gill necrosis and mucuous congestion of the skin and gills. OASE’s PeriDox is very easy to handle and does not endanger the fish stock. As soon as PeriDox comes into contact with the parasites or the larvae it triggers an oxidation process destroying the cell structure of the parasites. Therefore, with the recommended dosage and depending on the pond, lake, fishery or reservoir temperature, larvae that can normally survive for 33 to 48 hours are killed off in just 3 hours. However, as the adult parasites bring more larvae into the water, PeriDox should be applied three to four times.

OASE PeriDox water treatment increases oxygen in the water quickly

The oxygen that is released through the oxidation process is dissolved directly in the water and thus increases the oxygen content in the water. In other words, Peridox also gives your waterbody an instant oxygen boost.

Low oxygen levels caused by warm weather, excess sludge or high stocking levels can become critical. In an emergency the quick application is helpful. PeriDox can also be used to treat acute oxygen deficiency increasing dissolved oxygen content in the water again.

Heathland Group is OASE’s preferred professional for the application of their Professional Lake Therapy range.

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