OASE SchlixX Silt Treatment

SchlixX OASE pond and lake silt treatment applied by heathland group, Norfolk, UKSchlixX professional silt treatment from OASE

SchlixX from OASE’s Professional silt treatment range reduces silt in ponds, lakes, reservoirs and fisheries. OASE’s Professional SchlixX silt treatment adds oxygen to the silt so that existing micro-organisms reduce the silt. It also binds phosphate and thus deprives algae of the nutrients required for growth.

OASE’s SchlixX silt treatment remains effective for up to 6 weeks and combats organic sludge. This silt treatment reduces organic sludge deposits and is doubly effective in fighting decay and the formation of hazardous gases.

Key Benefits and Features of SchlixX Silt Reduction Treatment

  • Configured for your specific lake/pond requirements once surveys are completed
  • Requires sediment & water samples along with Bathymetric report to understand requirements
  • Could save 90% + of conventional dredging costs
  • No mess or clean-up requirements
  • Digests silt turning it into aquatic plant feed
  • Ideal for lakes, ponds, lagoons, and reservoirs of any size
  • Applied from a boat through drip feed for even application
  • Monitored progress by our team of professionals

SchlixX, an alternative to dredging

Free nutrients, mostly phosphate, are the main driver of algal bloom and cause the accumulation of sludge in lakes. Also the organic part of sludge stores free nutrients. By removing it, there is more water capacity in the lake as well as less chance of green and blue-green-algal bloom. SchlixX releases oxygen in the sludge, which leads to two effects: Phosphate being insolubly bonded into apatite. Then micro-organisms naturally present in the sludge use oxygen to decompose the organic matter in the sludge.

SchlixX exclusively combats organic sludge. In other words: sediment such as sand that enters the water through inflows is not removed by SchlixX. Before using the product we recommend analysing the sludge to first determine the precise composition of the water bed.

SchlixX Plus is a silt treatment that reduces sludge and silt

SchlixX Plus from OASE’s professional range removes silt and sludge using highly effective bio components.  A tonne of SchlixX Plus silt treatment can decompose up to 3,000m3 of organic sludge and silt. OASE’s Professional SchlixX Plus binds phosphates and thus deprives algae of nutrients.

Lakes are living bodies of water that constantly change and evolve. As a result of organic residue, surrounding agriculture, industrial operations and sometimes even sewage plants, lake silt builds up. Once the sludge has formed, it impacts the supply of nutrients in the water negatively. Free nutrients are stored in large amounts of organic sludge, increasing the risk of algal blooms. SchlixX Plus is the ideal silt treatment for water in such a perilous state. This effective solution works in both chemical and biological ways. As the released oxygen in the process promotes phosphate-binding into apatite and creates the ideal environment for microbial degradation of the organic sludge.

Then, the natural micro-organisms present in the bio component accelerate the sludge decomposition, by “eating” the organic material. Thus, SchlixX Plus silt treatment exclusively combats organic sludge.

Before using the product we recommend analysing the sludge first to determine the precise composition of the water bed. The sludge analysis should also indicate the decomposition capacity which equates to up to 3,000m3 of sludge for one tonne of SchlixX Plus.

The SchlixX silt treatment from the OASE Professional range can only be used by professionals

For more information on our OASE Professional water treatment range please contact us at info@heathlandgroup.co.uk or call us on 0800 3891990.