OASE AlgoLon Blanketweed & Thread Algae Treatments

OASE AlgoLon algae Treatment, blanket weed and thread algae treatment applied by Heathland GroupOASE AlgoLon blanketweed & thread algae treatment 

OASE AlgoLon is one of OASE’s Professional algae treatments and fights excessive thread algae in lakes and ponds. It destroys algae with active oxygen by increasing the oxygen content in the lake. AlgoLon supports the decomposition of waste products. AlgoLon is also one of OASE’s best blanketweed treatments.

One of the main challenges with ponds and lakes is keeping the water healthy and balanced. Most of the time, the cause of imbalances and poor water quality is surplus nutrients in the water. Nutrient levels that are too high result in excessive algal growth. After stabilising the main water parameters, the OASE water treatment range offers solutions to combat nearly all kinds of algae, in addition to this, the anti-algae treatments are safe to use and do not harm other organisms in the pond, lake, reservoir or fishery.

AlgoLon thread algae treatment and blanketweed treatment

OASE AlgoLon quickly releases active oxygen into the water as a result Oxidation begins immediately, destroying the cell structure of the thread algae. Therefore the dead algae can be skimmed out of the water a few hours after the algae treatment is used. Any remaining thread algae is trapped in the filter – if a filter is in use.

The slime mould living in symbiosis with the thread algae is also killed by the patented formula. Methods such as mechanical removal of thread algae are counterproductive unless the slime mould is combated.

OASE AlgoLon algae treatments leave no residue

AlgoLon decomposes and leaves no residue in addition it also contains no heavy metals or organic biocides and does not accumulate in organisms. It is a good idea to administer SeDox or SeDox Speed after using AlgoLon. This will bond the freed phosphates, which are the main cause of algal growth.

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