Algae treatments, water treatments, silt treatments, Heathland Group Norfolk UK

Environmentally Safe Aquatic Treatments

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SchlixX sediment and silt reduction treatment applied by heathland group limited

Schlix Professional Sediment Reduction Treatments

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Diffused water aerator in a lake, installed by Heathland Group, Norfolk UK
Diffused Water Aerators

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Algae treatments, water treatments, silt treatments, Heathland Group Norfolk UK
Environmentally Safe Aquatic Treatments

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SchlixX sediment and silt reduction treatment applied by heathland group limited
Schlix Professional Sediment Reduction Treatments

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Welcome to Heathland Group
UK specialist suppliers of high-quality water fountains, lake and reservoir aeration systems, pond and lake dyes, algae treatments and water treatments for commercial and residential clients

Heathland Group offers the best quality pond dyes, lake dyes, algae treatments, water fountains,  lake and reservoir aerators and water treatments. The quality of our work and the fountains and aerators we supply are the key to our success. Second best has never been good enough for us.

Ponds, lakes, reservoirs, fisheries and waterways are our business

Our experienced, skilled aquatic engineering team are the reason for our success. They apply their passion and knowledge to all the projects we undertake and they’re always willing to go above and beyond for our customers. Our quality water fountains and aerators and attention to detail means we always supply our clients with the perfect custom solutions for lakes, ponds, fisheries and reservoirs.

Water fountains and lake aerators for commercial and domestic use

We have spent many years developing the relationships that are key to providing the very best engineered water fountains and lake and reservoir aerators the global market has to offer. Strength, reliability and low maintenance have all been key aspects of design for these wonderful fountains with breath-taking water displays. We supply fountains and aerators to homes, business parks, golf clubs, shopping centres and other venues. Our standard water fountains are able to create water heights from 0.5 metres to over 40 metres. It doesn’t stop there, as our specialist water fountains can go even further beyond the normal limits.

Pond, lake, fishery and reservoir aerators and fountains

We have a large range of pond, lake and reservoir aerators designed to provide oxygen-rich, stable environments for any waterway. These aerators are available in many forms.  We can supply fountains and aerators to your exact requirements, whether you’re a  small fishery or you have a larger commercial lagoon or reservoir. Our standard aerator range includes a variety of surface aerators, mains operated diffused aerators and solar diffused aerators. We also have a number of aerating fountains, designed to provide stunning displays while also aerating. This is achieved from their high flow volumes.

Bespoke and custom water fountains and aerator builds

All our water fountains and water aeration systems are available in a custom build, designed exactly for your requirements. We offer a full design, costing and build package for aerators and fountains along with specialist installation should this be required.

Based in Norfolk, we supply our fountain & aerators to any part of the United Kingdom. We can deliver cost-effective solutions to any client for lakes, reservoirs and ponds in any location.  All our fountains and aerators are available for “supply only” or “supply and installation” across Europe.

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Decorative Masters Series Floating Water Fountains

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Diffused Aeration Systems


Solar Powered Diffused Aeration

Why choose Heathland Group?

The simple answer is because we don’t settle for anything but the best service and products. Our specially engineered fountains and aerators are more environmentally friendly and cheaper to run.  Our attention to detail and rapid results are what sets us apart from our competitors. We only use the very best quality materials in any of our products and always deliver fantastic customer service. In short, our team delivers. Our aim is to provide our clients with exactly what they want and nothing else is ever acceptable. So whether you are looking for a fountain or aerator, a breath-taking water feature or an aquatic treatment program, Heathland Group has everything available to provide a high-quality result.


Bespoke diffused aeration system installed in Venetian waterways Great Yarmouth by Heathland Group
Bespoke diffused Aeration system supplied and installed in Great Yarmouth’s Venetian Waterways

Bespoke diffused aeration systems for unique waterway shapes and designs Following the renovation of Great Yarmouth’s Venetian waterways, Great Yarmouth Borough Council contacted Heathland Group with a request for our team about aerators.  They asked us to design and install a bespoke diffused aeration system that would efficiently aerate the waterbody which includes many coves…

Delmar AirPro4
SS2 Delmar aerating fountain, AirPro 4 diffused aeration installed in Hodnet, Shropshire

Heathland Group were contacted by a private client who required an Delmar aerating fountain to aerate a lake on their property in Hodnet, Shropshire. SS2 Delmar aerating fountain In the lake there was an island where they planned to build a lodge and this provided the ideal place for compressor placement. The client also wanted…

Lake Aerator - Epping Diffused Lake Aerator
AirPro 4 Bespoke Diffused Aeration Installation In Epping, Essex

Heathland Group supplied and installed a bespoke aeration system for a private client in Epping just outside of London. Heathland Group were contacted by a private client who had recently moved into a new property that had multiple lakes connected via a waterfall system. It was explained to our design team that the top lake…

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80 Watt LED Fountain Lighting

New Stainless Steel 80-Watt LED fountain lighting Heathland Groups dedicated fountain department offers some of the best LED fountain lighting products on today’s market and we can now supply stainless steel 80-Watt LED lighting. These lights will give you the most stunning night time fountain display imaginable. We offer multiple colours of fountain lighting to…

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Water Fountain - Underwater Lighting
Photocell Placement

What are photocells and why is photocell placement important? The correct fountain lighting can turn any beautiful water fountain into something truly spectacular. Photocells are used for controlling lighting systems, automatically illuminating the feature when night falls. However, they will not work efficiently if incorrectly placed so photocell placement is very important. In order for…

Water fountain in winter providing surface aeration for a lake -Heathland Group Norfolk UK
Water Fountains in Winter

Water fountains in winter help keep your pond or lake healthy Water fountains in winter aren’t just aesthetically pleasing but beneficial to your water body. During winter months fountains help to support the health of the water body by keeping the surface water moving. This can help stop freezing and allows oxygen to be dissolved…

Reservoir Water Aeration - Diffused Aerator
Why you need aeration in your waterbody?

Aeration is important in any waterbody in order to keep a healthy ecological balance So why do you need to aerate a lake or pond.  Aeration is the infusion of oxygen into the water. The dissolved oxygen (DO) levels within any water body are constantly affected by: diffusion and aeration photosynthesis respiration decomposition temperature salinity…

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