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 UK specialist suppliers of high-quality water fountains, water aeration and pontoon products and services for commercial and residential users

Heathland Group can offer the best quality aquatic engineering products and services to all its clients. Our quality of work is the key to the company's success and being second best is never been good enough.

Ponds, lakes, reservoirs, marinas and waterways are our business

Our experienced, skilled aquatic engineering team are the reason for our success, applying their passion to all the projects we undertake and they're always willing to go above and beyond for our customers. Perfection, quality and attention to detail have always meant we are able to supply our clients with the perfect engineered solution's for lakes, ponds, marinas, rivers, canals and reservoirs.

Water fountains and aerators for sale and hire

We have spent many years developing the relationships which are key to providing the very best engineered water fountains and aerators the global market has to offer. Strength, Reliability and Low Maintenance have all been key aspects to providing these wonderful fountains which now provide breath-taking water displays to many homes, business parks, golf clubs, shopping centres and many, many more. Our standard units are able to create water heights from 0.5 metres to over 40 metres but it doesn't stop there with our specialist units capable of going beyond the normal limits.

We have a large range of water aerators designed to provide oxygen-rich, stable environments for any waterway, lake, pond or reservoir. Available in many forms these units can provide the end-user with their exact requirements from small fisheries to larger commercial lagoons and reservoirs. Our standard range includes a variety of Surface Aerators, mains operated diffused aerators and solar diffused aerators. We also have a number of aerating fountains that are designed to provide stunning displays while also aerating, this is achieved from their high flow volumes.

Cube, modular and marine pontoon equipment for sale and hire

Our range of pontoon equipment provides everyone with a cost-effective but highly-reliable means of accessing the water. From simple cube pontoons systems to the highly stable modular RotoDock pontoon these two systems form the mainstream of our pontoon sales in the UK. Adding to this we now have the very robust, Marine Dock range which caters for the high-end marina looking to improve on their mooring capacity and provide better access to their clients.

The SunnyDock and RotoDock pontoon systems are also available for hire, RotoDock being extremely stable with a 2m x 3m section capable of holding 1.8 tonnes. All of the systems are simple to connect while on the water, this provides the ideal solution for awkward locations or where manual lifting is required. All of the products are recyclable and environmentally friendly.


Visit us on stand number HPI1450 and FM916 where we will be showing off the very best in water fountain, water aeration and pontoon innovation.

Bespoke / Custom Builds

All of our water fountains, water aerators and pontoons are available in a custom build, designed exactly for your requirements. We offer a full design, costing and build package along with specialist installation should this be required.

Based in Norfolk we have access to all parts of the United Kingdom, allowing us to deliver cost-effective solutions to any client, in any location.  All of our fountains and aerators are available for "supply only" or "supply and installation" across Europe.

Why choose Heathland Group?

The simple answer is because we do not settle for anything but the best service and products from specially engineered fountains and aerators that are more environmentally friendly and cheaper to run, to durable, eco-friendly pontoons, docks for jet skis, workboats and gangways.  Our attention to detail and rapid results is what sets us apart from our competitors. We only use the very best quality materials in any of our products and we pride ourselves on the fantastic customer service our team delivers. Our aim is to provide our clients with exactly what they want and nothing else will ever be acceptable. So whether you are looking for a fountain or aerator, a breath-taking water feature,  or are simply looking for a stunning pontoon to entertain friends and family, Heathland Group has everything available to provide a high-quality result.


Fountains and Aerators for lakes, reservoirs and ponds - Aquatic Engineering from Heathland Group Norfolk, UK, Europe

Water Fountains

Our water fountains range includes fixed units suitable for water features, fixed and floating systems for ponds and our larger floating fountains and aerators for lakes. All the fountains we supply are extremely high quality, offering our customers the very best in reliability, low maintenance all supported by a first-class quality in-house fountain and aerator maintenance team. We have many fountain display options to choose from most of which are interchangeable. If you require a custom-built water fountain we are also able to build a fountain to your specific requirements.


Jet Ports

We supply our Jet ports both for self-installation and with a full professional installation service throughout the UK, Northern Ireland and Southern Ireland. Modular Drive on docks, boat lifts and jet ski docks are designed for storing your boat or jet ski clear of the water. The Jet Ports we supply are available in a range of sizes from 4m to 20m, these are extremely robust and durable platforms but they are also very versatile and easy to install. Our Jet Ports are suitable for any water body, lake, pond, river or marina, commercial or domestic.


Pontoons, walkways, docking system, jet ski docks from Heathland Group, Norfolk, Suffolk, UK

Pontoon Sales

At Heathland Group, our pontoon services are always to the highest standard. We offer these services to clients across the United Kingdom, Northern Ireland and Southern Ireland. With specialist machinery designed to provide easy installation including lightweight telehandlers and hydraulic piling systems, we are able to provide a full, professional installation service. Our service can include anything from a straightforward sale for self-installation to providing a full in-depth design, build and installation package. Our pontoon service is suitable for any water body, lake, pond, river or marina, commercial or domestic.


Marine Equipment

Alongside the pontoon aspect of our business, we also have specialist equipment designed for marine safety and those looking to work on water. This includes our range of floating safety barriers which are the perfect solution for managing areas of waterways and our pipe floats which are the best choice for long term projects, these are commonly used in the dredging industry. These products are made from HDPE and are extremely durable, reliable, robust and corrosion-resistant. We supply our marine equipment to both the domestic and commercial sectors.


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