OASE AlgoClear Blue-Green Algae Treatment

OASE AlgoClear Blue-Green Algae Treatment applied by Heathland Group LimitedAlgoClear blue-green algae treatment from OASE

AlgoClear from Oase’s Professional range of blue-green algae treatments combats blue-green algae. It blocks photosynthesis and light absorption with SpektroSorp prevents mass algal growth and blue-green algal bloom and reduces growth. It’s a highly effective blue-green algae treatment.

OASE professional AlgoClear, a special algae treatment for fighting blue-green algae

One of the main challenges with ponds and lakes is keeping the water healthy. The cause of poor water quality is often surplus nutrients in the water. When nutrients are too high, the result is excessive algal growth. After stabilising the main water parameters, the OASE water treatment range offers solutions to combat nearly all kinds of algae. These algae treatments are safe to use and do not harm other organisms in the pond, lake, fishery or reservoir.

A blue-green algae treatment that works

AlgoClear combats the vigorous growth and disproportionate reproduction of green algae in ponds, lakes, fisheries and reservoirs. OASE AlgoClear is also very efficient in the prevention and elimination of blue-green algae. Algae reproduction is a symptom of a biological imbalance in the water caused by excessive nutrient content. As a result, substances like phosphate and nitrate that are normally non-toxic may eventually damage the habitat of fish and plants by promoting increased algal growth. OASE AlgoClear does not kill algae using strong chemicals but rather stems their growth with SpektroSorp.

OASE AlgoClear blue-green algae treatment combats blue-green algae

This technology blocks specific UV wavelengths, preventing algae from photosynthesising. Thanks to its beneficial combination of active substances, it keeps the algae and the damaging effects of their metabolism in control, supporting the biological and chemical equilibrium of the pond, lake, reservoir or fishery.

For example, this helps to stop the high consumption of carbonate hardness and increased pH fluctuations. Regular use of AlgoClear effectively prevents the growth of new algae and establishes the preconditions for a healthy biological balance in the water.

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