Floating Lake Water Fountains

Floating Lake Fountains with lighting options in lakes and large ponds - Heathland Group Norfolk.Floating Lake Water Fountains

floating lake fountain pump assembly - water fountains from heathlands fountains and aeratorsFloating lake fountains make a beautiful feature if you want to improve a landscape. Whether the fountain is in a public park, for a hotel water feature, on a golf course or a magnificent display in the city centre. We have every fountain you could ever need to create your perfect fountain display.

Low maintenance fountains

A floating lake fountain is a great choice. It has many benefits over traditional fountain pump systems that are mounted on the lake bed. When mounted at the bottom of a lake, debris is always a problem for your fountain as leaves and other materials catch in a standard pump. This then makes them overheat and develop faults.

Our floating lake fountains are designed so they don’t get blocked 

The floating lake fountains at Heathland Group don’t get blocked! These are designed to experience almost no loss of suction. This means your fountain’s display can run 24/7 without losing any height. This also reduces the required frequency of maintenance and running costs!

Heathland Group’s floating lake fountains are not just a simple pump with a display nozzle. They are intelligently designed so that there are minimal obstructions and a clear passageway for the water flow at all times. This means no blockages. This new technology also means improved power efficiency and all our fountains come complete with high specification oil-filled motors that greatly extends motor life. Many of our long-term customers have already benefited from our maintenance programs and have fountains that are still running well after 10 years.

A lake fountain that does it all – reduced costs, a dazzling display and aeration for your lake!

We always supply nothing but the best at Heathland Group.  Our floating lake fountains should always meet certain demands and we’ve exceeded them with our range of fountains. Are you getting the same from your fountain supplier?

  • Reliability/longevity – All our floating lake fountains come with a 3-year warranty that you can extend for another 2 years. The design of these has always been based around high-end drives with environmentally safe, oil-filled motors. This extends the life of the fountains well beyond normal limits. We have seen professionally installed and maintained fountain units still running after 10 years.
  • High performance – High flow rates and staggering performance are always one of the priorities with our fountains.  These fountains are installed for both visual appeal and to aid aeration in lakes.  High flow rates are a must but reduced running costs are also one of the main considerations and caring for the environment via reduced energy use. We have worked hard to create a perfect balance with our fountains. floating lake fountain assembly diagram
  • Reduced blockages – Many of the cheaper floating lake fountains still use traditional centrifugal pumps to transfer water, this means narrow chambers and fine grills that are easy to block. With our range of fountains you will never see a centrifugal pump, we have larger grills with increased surface areas to reduce suction flows coupled with technology to stop debris from jamming the fountain.
  • Reduced running costs – Large, inefficient motors that use lots of energy and move very little water are a thing of the past. All our motor technology is the very latest. This gives you vastly increased performance and high transfer water flows without the electric bill racing out of control.


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