Service Centre

Water fountain and water aerator service centre staff performing a service on a fountain pump

Water Fountain and Water Aerator Service Centre

Not only do we offer the very best fountain and aerator product quality, but we also offer the very best in servicing and maintenance support for all our customers’ fountains and aerators, new and old.

Water fountain and water aeration equipment is not cheap and should not be considered disposable, so we make sure that all the products we sell and install are kept in perfect condition and provide our customers with many years of beautiful water displays. Whether you are contacting our service department for maintenance, a service or a repair, these services are available across the entire Water Fountain and Water Aerator range, including our bespoke fountain and aerator systems.

We also offer our services to customers who have purchased from other suppliers. We are able to service and maintain other manufacturers equipment if and when required.

We supply long-lasting fountains and aerators

All the fountain and aeration equipment supplied by us is built to stand the test of time and providing it’s well maintained, there’s no reason why these fountains and aerators shouldn’t last for many years to come. We have a variety of options available for customers that are looking for advanced yearly, bi-yearly service packages for their fountains and aerators or simply one-off repairs and services. We also offer a full return to base repair and service option for both fountains and aerators to help our customers save money and time on service call-outs.

Our fountain and aerator service centre holds parts for most units and others available at very short notice. This means you will never be kept waiting for your water feature and we expect all work to be carried out and fully tested within sensible timescales.

Warranty repairs are also carried out at our service centre, these can be shipped directly to us, one of our technicians will then thoroughly test your fountain or aerator before it’s shipped back to you in full working order. All service items and replacement parts are original equipment manufactured (OEM), we do not use or recommend the use of any parts from other manufacturers.

To book a return for service or repair of your fountain or aerator, please fill in the form below with all the required information.

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