Pond Fountains

Pond fountains, water fountains and water features for ponds from Heathland Group Norfolk UKPond fountains and water fountains

A pond can be the breath-taking focal point in any landscape, whether the pond is on a residential or commercial site or public parkland. Ponds can also have a variety of uses from simply making a landscape more appealing, to use as a fishing pond, a retention pond or even a storm basin.  All ponds should be allowed to achieve their full beauty and potential. Pond fountains, water fountains and water features can often be the key to achieving this as well as providing aeration. If your pond is insufficiently aerated, it can become an eyesore very quickly.

Heathland Group’s range of pond fountains

Decorative water fountains for ponds can have a dual role. Firstly as an outstanding feature adding to the visual appeal of your pond. Secondly, they provide much-needed aeration to keep your pond looking beautiful. Our range provides reliability, easy maintenance and a long motor life meaning that your pond will continue to look fabulous for years to come. All of our fountains are built to the highest of standards and designed to last for years to come. With a wide range of display patterns varying in size, we have something to suit every application.

Evolution water fountain with LED lighting at night from a range of pond fountains at Heathland GroupBeautiful lighting options for your fountain

We also have some brilliant additions that can help you make the most of our equipment. This includes fantastic lighting options, which means you can not only enjoy the sun glistening off your display but you can also enjoy nighttime illuminations as well. Our lighting options are all of the highest quality. We use ultra-bright low energy technology. This provides crisp colour to all water displays making your pond fountain as beautiful at night as it is by day.

Our service centre for all your pond water fountain maintenance

We have an in-house maintenance and service centre for all pond fountains and water fountains. This ensures that the process of buying, installing and maintaining a fountain is easy and hassle-free. Our service centre ensures that your fountain can be maintained in great condition for years to come.