Aqua Control Fountains and Aerators

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Fountains and aerators from Aqua Control

Aqua Control Fountains and AeratorsAqua Control Inc. based in Illinois, USA have been a leading manufacturer of floating fountains and aerators for many years. Aqua Control Inc. ensures that all of the fountains and aerators they produce meet the highest of standards using innovative designs. These fountains and aerators incorporate the most advanced pumps available in today’s market. They produce high water volumes and high pressures. This ensures that the display patterns created by Aqua Control Inc. are the most stable and thick fountain patterns available.

Their product range includes; The Evolution Series, The Select Series, The Select Series 2, The Titan Series, The AirEco, The AirPro and their waterfall pump systems

Which Aqua Control fountain or aerator is suitable for me?

  • Evolution Fountains match beauty with function and ease. This makes them ideally suited for smaller water bodies. Available as floating or stationary units, suitable for ponds or lakes. Customise your pond or lake fountain with a choice of spray patterns and LED lighting for a spectacular display.
  • The Select Series Fountains are manufactured using long-life metal pump components. They create the high pressure required for extraordinarily tall and wide fountain displays. Customise your floating lake fountain with 11 spray patterns in a vertical, horizontal or stationary configuration.
  • The Select Series 2 Aerating Fountains offer the largest display patterns in the marketplace using high pump rates and are available from 1-7.5HP. Customise your pond or lake fountain with a choice of 17 spray patterns in a vertical, horizontal or stationary configuration.
  • Titan Fountains are designed for high visual impact in large water bodies The high horsepower creates powerful, breathe taking displays
  • The AirEco Diffused Aerator series is suitable for larger-scaled ponds and wildlife ponds up to 6 acres in size. Designed to be used in natural, quiet environments, these aerators are virtually silent.
  • The AirPro Diffused Aerator series is one of the most efficient, robust and industrial quality aerators in the marketplace. It is a cost-effective solution for domestic or commercial waterbodies.
  • Waterfall pump systems utilise reliable submersible pump technology. They can be installed in wet wells, on solid pads or pond bottoms and are supplied with a choice of mount.

Intelligently designed fountains and aerators with fewer blockages and maintenance issues

SS2 Delmar Aerating Fountain Hodnet ShropshireAll of these fountain and aeration products designed by Aqua Control Inc. are intelligently designed to reduce the issue of blockages and to stand the test of time. Aqua Control Inc. continually work to further enhance their products instead of settling with what they have already created, making them one of the most forward-thinking floating fountain and aerator companies currently manufacturing these types of products.

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