Select Series 2 Floating Lake Fountains

  • cluster-arch-floating-lake-fountain-select-series2
  • crown-gusher-floating-lake-fountain-select-series2
  • daffodil-floating-lake-fountain-select-series2
  • double-arch-floating-lake-fountain-select-series2
  • delmar-floating-lake-fountain-select-series2
  • lily-floating-lake-fountain-select-series2
  • pentalator-floating-lake-fountain-select-series2
  • quad-floating-lake-fountain-select-series2
  • scepter-floating-lake-fountain-select-series2
  • spider-arch-floating-lake-fountain-select-series2
  • super-lily-floating-lake-fountain-select-series2
  • tornado-floating-lake-fountain-select-series2
  • torrent-floating-lake-fountain-select-series2
  • trillium-floating-lake-fountain-select-series2
  • triple-tier-floating-lake-fountain-select-series2
  • weeping-willow-floating-lake-fountain-select-series2
  • falling-waters-floating-lake-fountain-select-series2

Select Series 2 floating lake fountains  

Diagram of the assembly of the select series 2 floating lake aerator from Heathland Fountains and Aerators Norfolk UK

The Select Series 2 floating lake fountains are incredibly efficient and combine timeless beauty with functionality and aeration for your lake.  These stunning floating lake fountains are available in a range of motor sizes from 1.5Hp to 7.5HP.

A specially engineered floating lake fountain for high performance

This unit is intelligently engineered to minimise stress on the motor whilst increasing the performance, providing you with a beautiful and reliable fountain. The high strength composite materials used in the engineering of the select series 2 improve the life of the fountain and increase the overall visual aspect of the display, giving you something truly unique.  These fountains are designed to last and give you a beautiful strong fountain display.  They also help improve the water quality in your lake, as they provide an aeration facility too.

The Select series 2 fountain range incorporates a unique design allowing for the float to be weighted. This means it sits below the water’s surface leaving only the nozzle exposed.

Select Series 2 floating lake fountain – features and benefits

  • Interchangeable nozzles
  • 17 different nozzle patterns are available
  • High strength composite pump components
  • High performance
  • Increased motor life due to lightweight propellers
  • Easy clean, high strength composite suction screen
  • horizontal select series 2 floating lake aerator assembly diagramHorizontal and vertical configurations are available
  • With vertical configurations extension tubes are available
  • Patent pending
  • Quick disconnect
  • Control panel
  • 3 year part warranty (non-wear parts)
  • 2 year extended parts warranty option
  • 3-year return to base labour warranty

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