Weighted Mooring Anchors – New Product Launch

heathland group fountain weights for pond fountain and aerators

Weighted Mooring Anchors – new product launch!

Heathland Fountains and Aerators are a specialist division of Heathland Group Limited. Throughout all divisions of the company, our aim is to offer the most innovative water related products and technologies. Our UK manufacturing and design department are constantly working to produce and supply the highest quality products for lakes, ponds and reservoirs. The manufacturing and design department have over 30 years combined knowledge and experience in the management of lakes, ponds and reservoirs, both small and large. The design team have recently released weighted mooring anchors suitable for all our floating lake fountains and floating lake aerators.

These weighted mooring anchors ensure your lake or pond fountain doesn’t move once in place in your lake or pond and all lines are tailored to the bespoke waterbody depth. Our anchors will not drift as they weigh 14kg each so embed themselves into the bottom of the waterbody.

Weighted mooring anchors for floating lake fountains and aerators from Heathlands Fountains and Aerators

Weighted mooring anchors are black and are available in a range of quantities to suit any of your pond or lake requirements.

Which fountain ranges are suitable?

Floating pond fountains and aerators

  • Evolution fountain range
  • Decorative Masters fountain range
  • Fusion fountain range
  • Torrent aerator range
  • Volcano II aerator range

Floating lake fountains and aerators

  • Select Series fountain range
  • Select Series 2 fountain range
  • Titan Series fountain range
  • Masters Series fountain range
  • Celestial Series fountain range
  • Select Series 2 aerating fountain range
  • Torrent lake aerator range
  • Volcano II aerator range

Call us today discuss your bespoke fountains, aeration or anchoring requirements. Our bespoke fountains and aerators department can custom-build a water feature or a bespoke aerator system to your unique requirements. We are able to provide water fountains that are able to achieve heights of 60 metres and total display widths and diameters of 60 metres or more. In short, we can design a fountain or aeration system that achieves any of our clients’ ideal fountain or aeration dreams. Call us on 0800 389 1990 or email info@heathlandgroup.co.uk