Floating Lake Aeration

floating water aerators supplied and installed by heathland group limitedSpecialist floating lake aeration, designed for longevity to support your lake through tough environmental conditions!

The movement of water is an extremely important aspect of keeping your lake healthy and habitable. Floating lake aeration is a great way to achieve good aeration in a lake.  Our surface floating aerators are incredibly important in our catalogue of floating lake aerators. These can provide high-performance lake aeration for your water body.

A floating lake aerator is one of the most common forms of aeration for lakes and reservoirs throughout the world. These aerators are extremely popular and provide the ideal solution for most lake aeration needs without any technical knowledge to install them. Our extensive range of aerators is some of the most effective on the market. This is because they have minimal restriction of water flow from the nozzles, resulting in increased volumes of water flow and the very highest water turnover available on the market. Oxygen is transferred through the process of water collision. During the process air/oxygen is pushed into the water creating what is known as dissolved oxygen or DO. This is essential for the aeration process.

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Low cost, reliable, high-performance floating lake aeration systems

Heathland Group has made it its mission to provide the very best quality aerators on the market. There are certain criteria that we believe all of these products should meet, so we didn’t just aim to meet them, we aimed to surpass them completely. Many of the manufacturers seen on the market will provide some form of surface aeration but none of them can turn over the volumes we can.

Reduced running costs for floating lake aerators

Cost is a fundamental issue for many customers looking to aerate their lakes or reservoirs. Large motors for aerators are no longer a necessity. Instead, how they are set up and the propulsion is the key. Many aerators simply burn power, in other words, they cost more to run and provide very low flow. Performance and efficiency are greatly increased by the state of the art technology that Heathland Group employs. This means reduced power consumption, reducing your running costs.

High-performance floating lake aeration

At 750 watts our flow rates are set at 90,000 litres per hour. This is 50,000 litres more per hour than our competitors’ aerators using the same 750-watt motor rating.

Aerators that offer reliability and longevity

All of our floating lake aerators come complete with 3 years parts (non-wear) warranty and 3 years return to base labour warranty. They all have high-end drives. These use environmentally safe oil-filled motors that extend the life of the aerator well beyond the normal limits. It’s not uncommon for one of these aerators to run for 10 years or more, when professionally installed and well maintained.

Reduced blockages in your lake aerator

The debris screens on our aerators are larger than average. This creates a larger suction surface area to reduce flow rates through the screen and greatly reduce blockages. Many of the cheaper floating aerators still use traditional pumps to transfer water. As a result, This means easily blocked narrow chambers and fine grills.