Groundskeeping Journal Winter Issue 2022 SolarAir Article


What a great way to kick off the first month of 2022 with a 3-page feature on pg 16-18 in the Groundskeeping Journal. The article details our recent Heathland Exclusive SolarAir solar-powered aerator installation for a domestic customer in Somerset. The customer needed to aerate a lake on a farm to prevent invasive duckweed and blanketweed from taking hold but had no power supply nearby. Heathland Groups’ team applied 30 years of their aquatic weed control experience to install a suitable solution to the problem.

Groundskeeping Journal Winter Issue Pg16-17Groundskeeping Journal Winter Issue Pg18

Aquatic weed removal

Accelerated blanketweed and duckweed growth were beginning to degrade the water quality in the farm lake. Duckweed floats on the water surface, has small rounded leaves and looks like young cress. This aquatic weed grows rapidly, quickly covering any water surface unless regularly cleared. Duckweed and blanketweed can appear at any time of the year. A quick removal solution once identified is key to keeping surface water clear.

Aquatic water treatments were the shorter-term solution

For this client, a full water analysis was carried out on site. This included water samples, sediment samples, and a bathymetric survey. A full water analysis is required before treatments are applied to combat aquatic weed, stabilise water parameters and bind excess nutrients. Heathland blanketweed water treatment and OASE PeriDox Blanketweed and parasite water treatment were professionally applied to the lake. These treatments provide a shorter-term solution to remove the aquatic weeds.

SolarAir solar powered aerator was the long term solution

As with most problems, you haven’t prevented the issue from re-occurring until a long-term solution is applied to the root cause. The aquatic weed was now removed from the lake but how can we prevent it from returning in the future?

A Heathland SolarAir solar-powered lake aerator was installed in the lake by Heathland Group. This long-term solution addresses the root cause by aerating the lake to prevent aquatic weed regrowth. This solution, in turn, increases the water quality. The client is delighted with the end results, eradication of blanketweed and duckweed issues, and increased water quality.

Supply only or supply, apply and install

Our qualified and accredited team can work with groundkeepers, greenskeepers, and estate managers to install or apply product solutions. Our fountains and aerators can also be purchased on a “supply only” basis for fitting on-site by an existing grounds care team.

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