SS2 Delmar Fountains Installation at Pearson Park, Hull


SS2 Delmar Fountains Commercial Installation for William Birch at Pearson Park, Hull.

Pearson Park in Hull, one mile northwest of Hull city centre, was opened back in 1860. The park was created from 27 acres of land donated by the Mayor of Hull – Zachariah Pearson. The park was designed by James Craig Niven. Pearson Park was designated to be a “Peoples Park” for recreation, fresh air and good health.

Pearson Park History

SS2-Delmar-Pearson-Park-Hull-William-Birch-2Today the park is a public park with ornamental gardens, bowling greens, statues, and water features covering 11 hectares. Features include marble statues of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, a Zachariah Pearson monolith, an ox-bow-shaped lake and an ornamental gateway. Waterfowl live in the lake which is surrounded by a paved area.

The lake fountains were not actually indicated on James Craig Niven’s original 1860 park design plans. It’s thought that the first fountains were installed in 1865. The 1893 Ordinance Survey map shows two fountains on the lake at this time and they were later replaced in 1902.

Pearson Park Heritage Lottery Fund Grant

In 2017 Hull City Council were awarded a £3m heritage lottery fund grant for Pearson Park restoration. This included rebuilding the conservatory, the historic archway, and restoring a historic drinking fountain. The second phase of work on the park was delivered by William Birch and Sons Ltd. This included replacing the existing fountains in the ox-bow lake to provide a more effective aeration.

Heathland Group were contacted by William Birch and Sons Ltd in the autumn of 2021. We were asked for advice on a suitable product for the shallow depth of the lake and the various display patterns available. The Select Series 2 Delmar Aerating floating fountain was chosen as the horizontal display pattern is shorter so suitable for shallow waters.

Select Series Two Delmar aerating floating fountain chosen

weighted mooring anchorsThe Select Series 2 fountain range delivers outstanding value for money as the fountain also provides aeration alongside a magnificent display. Three of these fountains were ordered for the customer, each at 5 horsepower in a horizontal configuration. This is one of the largest HP available in this range. The SS2 Delmar consists of a single centre geyser surrounded by a lower tier of 16 thick arching streams. Optional weighted mooring anchors were chosen to weigh down the fountains and prevent them from drifting in the lake.

Pearson Park fountains installation by Heathland Group

In December 2021 Heathland experienced installation team visited Pearson Park to install the three fountains. Our installation service includes the following if required –

  • Full cabling and trenching
  • Control panel installation and set-up, including custom builds with Bluetooth control and wifi connection.
  • Fountain installation
  • Anchor installation

Quick disconnect cables at 35m, 50m, and 110m long were ordered along with three custom fountain controllers and safety devices. Timers supplied for each unit were mounted in a twin door panel. During the installation each fountain was tested before being signed off. This commitment to a total quality installation demonstrates our ISO 9001:2015 registration as a trusted company our customers can rely on.

SS2 Delmar aerating fountains installation conclusions

William Birch and Sons were very happy with the purchase and installation and the final result of a stunning fountain display with lake aeration simultaneously delivered. The general public and users of the park also commented during and after installation how the fountains completed the restoration of the park.

Customers have described the lake and fountains as “picturesque” and “the new fountains look amazing in the winter sun“. The fountain installation was completed just in time for the park Christmas light display which wowed visitors this festive period. Described as a “beautiful Christmas present” from Hull City Council by a local resident.

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