Shallow Pond Aerator installation in Blandford, Dorset

shallow pond aerator system installed in a residential property in Blandford , Dorset

Shallow Pond Aerator installation in Blandford, Dorset.

Diffused-Pond-Aeration-Blandford Essex BeforeHeathland Group were contacted by a domestic client in Blandford, Dorset who owned a private pond, fed by a stream. The pond was experiencing an increased growth of aquatic and blanket weed, clogging up the pond and causing –

  • The water surface and water column to be covered in dense mats of hair-like green growth.
  • A ‘pea soup’ effect caused by fine algae suspended in the water column, discolouring the water.

Blanketweed, silkweed and other aquatic weeds thrive when ponds are in a sunny position, with few plants to provide shade across the surface.

High levels of nutrients in ponds and lakes also encourage algal blooms and excessive aquatic weed growth. Nutrient levels increase when –

  • There is a build-up of organic matter on the pond bed.
  • Fertilisers are leaching into the pond or lake.
  • Pond debris e,g fish faeces, fallen leaves and invasive pond weeds.

Heathland Shallow Pond Diffused Aerator System

Heathland Pond Diffused Aeration Dorset AfterHeathland Groups Team liaised with the customer to talk through the various product options suitable to solve this issue. After discussions, the customer ordered a shallow pond diffused aerator system with 2 aerators and installation. The pond has an island in the centre so 2 diffusers allowed even aeration coverage. This model is one of the most efficient models available in today’s market. The efficiency of this pump makes the aerator capable of maintaining water quality in small ponds of any size up to 1.8 acres.

Our team promptly travelled to Dorset to perform the installation within the time frame the client had requested. The client was delighted with the end result, increased levels of aeration and Heathland Group professional installation services. So much so they ordered the same shallow pond diffused aerator system with a further 4 aerators for maximum aeration coverage, 3 months later.

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