Aerating Fountain Installation, Lakeside Coastal Resort, Hampshire

Lakeside Coastal Resort Heathland Group

Select Series 2 Tornado aerating fountain commercial installation at Lakeside Coastal Resort, Hampshire.

Lakeside Coastal Resort aerating fountain Heathland GroupHeathland Group were contacted by MM Services South East Ltd in July 2021. MM Services specialise in hotel and leisure fit-out and refurbishment contracts. For this project, their customer was Warner Holidays Lakeside Coastal Resort in Hampshire. Warner Leisure Hotels undertook a refit and refurbishment programme across their portfolio this summer. Managers at Lakeside Coastal Resort decided aeration was required in the on-site lake to improve the water quality. Visually the water quality didn’t match the high standards the holiday park strive to maintain and was beginning to degrade. A Select Series 2 Tornado Aerating Fountain was chosen for visual appeal and simultaneous lake aeration.

SS2 Tornado Aerating Lake Fountain was selected for visual appeal and aeration

Lakeside-Coastal-Resort-3-Heathland-Group Heathlands experienced team discussed various suitable solutions with the client. Installation of the product was also required at the holiday park. The Heathland aquatics team and the client agreed a Select Series 2 tornado aerating lake fountain would be perfect. The Select Series 2 fountain with a tornado display nozzle was chosen because it provides visual appeal and aeration simultaneously. The Tornado display pattern is a simply beautiful conical shape.

We can provide our Select Series 2 fountains in a range of sizes from 0.75Kw to 5.5Kw. This was ordered in a 2 horsepower, 3 phase, horizontal configuration version suitable for a minimum depth of 0.7m.  The fountain height on this model can reach up to 2.7m, with a diameter of 7.6m for a show-stopping display. The SS2 tornado floating lake fountain has a flow rate of 80,000 litres per hour (LPH).

Weighted Mooring Anchors for fountain stability

An additional Weighted Mooring Anchor Kit was also ordered. The anchor kits are suitable for floating lake fountains and floating lake aerators. These weighted mooring anchors ensure your lake or pond fountain doesn’t move once in place in your lake or pond and all lines are tailored to the bespoke waterbody depth. Our anchors will not drift as they weigh 14kg each so they embed themselves into the bottom of the waterbody.

Heathland Groups installation team travelled to Hampshire to install the aerating fountain in August 2021. The installation was completed in a day and the client is very pleased with the improved water quality. Customers often comment on the beautiful display patterns achieved by the tornado fountain display.

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