AirPro 4 Bespoke Diffused Aeration Installation In Epping, Essex

Heathland Group supplied and installed a bespoke aeration system for a private client in Epping just outside of London.

Heathland Group were contacted by a private client who had recently moved into a new property that had multiple lakes connected via a waterfall system. It was explained to our design team that the top lake of the system appeared to be suffering from low levels of dissolved oxygen and issues with algal growth.

The lake had an island situated in the centre which was causing dead spots and limiting wind disturbance on the lake surface, this was causing the water quality to deteriorate and algal growths to bloom.

The team at Heathland Group have expert knowledge in the field of aeration and improving water quality. To ensure aeration systems efficiently improve dissolved oxygen levels within a body of water a bespoke system individually tailored to the water body in question is always the preferred option.

After presenting the plan to the client, Heathland Group were given the go-ahead to supply and install a bespoke AirPro 4 system. This bespoke system was provided complete with a custom control panel with a built-in timer (giving the client an option of having the aeration system running at specific times of the day), a compressor unit, all power cables, weighted airline and diffuser units. The weighted airline used within this system is ideal for diffused aeration units as the airline lays along the bottom of the lake bed to the diffuser base and is therefore not visible.

The team placed these four AirPro diffuser units around the island at regular intervals to ensure maximum coverage. The control panel for this diffused lake aeration system was placed on the edge of the property out of sight and the power cables were placed in trenches from the compressor and control panel to the lake. These trenches were then filled in and the ground seeded to hide the cables from sight and repair the grass.

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