Volcano III Floating Fishery Aerator

Volcano II floating fishery aerator providing high volume fishery aeration - Heathland Fountains and Aerators Norfolk UK

pdf brochure button providing access to product informationFishery aeration with the Volcano III floating aerator

If you’re looking for a floating fishery aerator with high performance and a low profile that offers great fishery aeration, then the Volcano III & Hydromax series aerators are excellent choices.

This particular aerator range supplies fantastic aeration results offering both high-performance oxygen transfer capabilities and GMP pumping rates.

The Hydromax series features Volcano III’s high volume performance with a conical display pattern. Hydromax is based on two types of aerators;

Fishery aeration with the Shasta floating fishery aerator 

Shasta Water Aerator, ideal for fisheries, Heathland Fountains and Aerators, Norfolk, UK

The Shasta aerator is the sister to the Etna aerator. It keeps a lower profile with simple elegance but still provides excellent fishery aeration. Add lighting and Shasta positively shines at night.

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Fishery aeration with the Volcano III floating fishery aerator 

Volcano II Aerator for lakes, fisheries and reservoirs from Heathland Fountains and Aerators, Norfolk UK

The Volcano II aerator has a low profile surface eruption pattern produced by incredible pumping rates, which provides high oxygen transfer results. It is an ideal selection to get maximum fishery aeration results with a floating surface aerator.

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Features and benefits of the Volcano III & Hydromax series 

  • Available in (½ – 5½HP) models
  • Easy installation
  • Required depth is three feet (½HP operating depth is 2′)
  • Works in deeper depths with an optional float mounted deep water intake
  • Produces an erupting boil for great aeration in your fishery
  • All stainless steel components
  • High quality
  • Optional night glow LED lighting systems for all models
  • Low profile float
  • Comes with an exclusive underwater cable disconnect, aqua lock connector (ALC)
  • Motor housing of stainless steel
  • Energy-efficient oil-cooled motor 1725 RPM
  • CE Recognised night glow LED lighting systems
  • Certified by UL & CUL

Installing the Volcano III fishery aerator  

Installation of this floating fishery aerator can include the following options;

  • Full cabling
  • Control panel installation
  • Control panel set-up
  • Customised installation plan for your fishery

The two main techniques used for installation by Heathland Group are shown below;

Mooring installation method Heathland Group Norfolk UKAnchor installation method Heathland Group Norfolk UK

Maintaining your new Volcano III floating fishery aerator

We are satisfied at Heathland Group if we are absolutely sure that your aerator investment will provide benefits for many years, so we offer our clients a full aerator servicing package so that you get the very best fishery aeration all year round with no performance problems. Heathland Group have a fully equipped in-house service centre for all general maintenance, servicing and repair needs for both water fountains and floating fishery aerators.

We can supply fishery aeration equipment and our installation services to both domestic and commercial clients throughout the United Kingdom and Europe. For more information and advice about any of our aeration products, water management and consultancy services, please email info@heathlandgroup.co.uk or call 0800 3891990


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