Water Feature Fountain at Champneys Mottram Hall Hotel & Spa

Heathland Group recently completed a Driveway Water Feature fountain installation of our Gusher stationary Fixed Base Water Fountain in the main courtyard at Champneys Mottram Hall Spa and Hotel. Given the very shallow waters, they went with a Stationary unit which was fixed to the base which is now providing a spectacular display for all to see. As the very best in fountain technology, the fountain will provide them with many years of hassle-free displays and will keep maintenance requirements to a minimum.

Why did Champneys Mottram Hall want a Water Fountain installed?

The location for the new water fountain is in full sight of all of the visitors that come to the Hotel and Spa, offering a beautiful display and relaxing ambiance to the Entrance area.

The Requirements for the Water Fountain Installation?

Due to issues previously seen with other manufacturer’s equipment continually choking and generally becoming subject to a lot of downtime, the Hotel wanted to make sure we could provide the following attributes;

  • Reliable Equipment
  • Low Maintenance
  • Safe Equipment
  • Reliable with Reduced Maintenance Requirements
  • Good Warranties

The Evolution Series was able to fit into all of these categories. Our beautiful Evolution Series stationary pond fountains are the smallest water fountains in the range available from Heathland Group. It may be small,  but it’s still packed with features and provides stunning fountain displays produced from low energy, high output pumps that provide a true heavy flow display unlike any of its competitors.

The Equipment Provided;

This stationary pond fountain gives a beautiful, eruptive water display. The Gusher stationary pond fountain is available in a range of sizes from 0.6m, 0.9m and 1.2m height all operating from the same 0.5HP motor.

The Gusher fountain is one of the best at producing a very formal water display and is the ultimate for reliability. The large grill design provides reduced suction around the screen which results in fewer blockages caused by leaves and other debris from the pond bed. It also ensures that you get a larger volume of water passing through the fountain, obtaining large flows of water for great circulation. Due to the dramatic, heavy display, this fountain is less affected by wind drift and is great for locations where legionella have otherwise been a concern.

The Evolution Gusher is an ideal water fountain if you wish to provide a great display at an entrance point.


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