SolarAir Solar Powered Diffused Aerator Installation, Yeovil Somerset

SolarAir solar powered lake aeration by heathland group

SolarAir Solar Powered Diffused Aerator Domestic Installation, Yeovil Somerset.

SolarAir Solar Aerator custom diffused aeration system Yeovil SomersetA domestic client in Yeovil, Somerset contacted Heathland Group in April 2021with with requirements for a solar aerator. The customer lives on a farm with a large pond/lake and wanted to improve the pond water quality. Accelerated Blanketweed and Duckweed growth were beginning to degrade the water quality. Duckweed has small, rounded leaves that float on the water surface and looks like young cress. This aquatic weed rapidly grows, quickly covering any water surface unless regularly cleared. The botanical name is L. minorLemna minuta and L. gibba. Duckweed can appear at any time of the year so a quick removal solution once identified is key to keeping surface water clear.

Heathland SolarAir Solar Powered Aerator was the recommended solution

Solar Aeration system SolarAir Heathland Group Design and Manufacturing team discussed various suitable products to solve the aquatic weed issue. A solar powered-solution became the key requirement for this supply and installation because of the absence of power. The lake is completely off-grid, so a solar-powered diffused lake aeration system was required. Heathland SolarAir solar powered aerator range was the most suitable aerator from our vast product range. As the UK and Europe’s largest supplier of aeration solutions, Heathland Group were best placed to advise the ideal solution.

Solar Aerator SolarAir control panel, custom aeration systemThe SolarAir solar-powered diffused lake aerator is the result of many years of research and development.  These aerators provide a totally off-grid solar aeration solution for the end-user. It’s ideal for all those remote locations where a power supply is not available. Our solar powered aerator is available with additional options such as online monitoring and management. Air is pumped through the diffuser membranes on the bed of the waterbody breaking through the thermocline, reducing the effects of thermal stratification while also increasing the lake’s dissolved oxygen (DO) levels. Aeration keeps the water body moving discouraging aquatic weed growth and killing the existing weeds before they gain a foothold.

Heathland SolarAir Solar Powered Aerator Installation

The client ordered a SolarAir 3600 2 diffuser system with a solar system voltage of 24vDC and airflow of 3.6 M3/H. The 2 diffusers have stainless steel bases and non-return valves and this product comes with 4 large solar panels 2m long each. The SolarAir 3600 can operate in a 0.5-1.5 acre lake at a depth of 1-2.5m. Solar ground mount assembly is included with the product along with a 24v battery. The battery is encased in a stainless-steel enclosure. The client added an additional Smart Bluetooth Connection to the lake aerator to set up and monitor the system.

Heathland Aquatic Water Treatment Application

Solar Aerator running in pond covered in blanket weed SolarAir ResultDuring the first visit, the Heathland aquatics team applied 1000kg of the exclusive Heathland Blanketweed Water Treatment. This treatment was applied professionally by hand from our company boat out on the lake. The Blanketweed water treatment was to help remove the Duckweed and Blanketweed.

Heathland Water Analysis Tests

The client also ordered a full water analysis of the lake including sediment samples, water samples and a bathymetric survey. A full water analysis is required before treatments are applied to stabilise water parameters, combat algae and bind excess nutrients. Bathymetric surveys are performed to analyse the levels of silt on the bed of the water body. The client also ordered a Peridox treatment for the second visit. A water analysis was performed during the first visit to determine the volume of the Peridox product needed.

SolarAir Additional Capacity

The client was so delighted with the results they placed a further order to upgrade their SolarAir 3600 to the SolarAir 4800. This included a new pump and an extra diffuser. The SolarAir 4800 includes 3 diffusers with stainless steel bases. The system can now operate in a 1.5-2 acre (previously 0.5-1.5 acre) lake at a depth of 1-2.5m.

Oase Professional Lake and Pond Water Treatments Range

PeriDox-oase-pond-and-lake-treatment-heathland-groupPeriDox is part of the Oase Professional lake and pond water treatment range. This range can only be applied by approved professionals and is not available to the general public. OASE PeriDox water treatment reduces blanketweed and parasites in water bodies and removes harmful organisms, filamentous algae and parasites. The PeriDox treatment was applied to a 600m2 area of the water by the team during the second visit, determined after water analysis.


The client is delighted with the end results, eradication of Blanketweed and Duckweed issues and increased water quality.

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