Mill Brae Trout Fishery Diffused Aeration System Installation

diffused aeration system operating at MillBrae Trout Fishery in Scotland

OxiAir Shallow 6 Diffused Aeration System Installation and OASE water treatments application for Mill Brae Trout Fishery in Buckie, Scotland.

Our team at Heathland Group were contacted by Mill Brae Trout Fishery in Buckie, Scotland. The owner of the fishery was having an issue with insufficient water flow during the warmer months and filamentous algae growth.

Mill Brae Fishery

Mill Brae Trout fishery is located in Lower Mill of Tynet, Buckie in Scotland. The current owners have been re-establishing the fishery for over four years. This fishery includes a 1-acre loch stocked with brown and rainbow trout. They have made great improvements to the fishery including a fishing hut, kitchen, toilet facilities, washing facilities and a sleepy bothy which can accommodate up to 4 people.

OxiAir Shallow 6 Diffused Aeration System Installation

OxiAir Shallow Installation at Mill Brae Fishery In Buckie, ScotlandAs part of the ongoing improvements, the owner contacted us to help with water movement, dissolved oxygen levels and treatment of the filamentous algae that was growing within the loch. After speaking with our team, the loch was measured using our online software and it was advised that the OxiAir Shallow 6 would be the most effective diffused aeration system for the shape and size of the loch, which includes an island in the centre. Heathland Group has a wide range of lake aeration equipment available.  The OxiAir Shallow uses 6 separate diffusers evenly and efficiently spaced and balanced throughout the loch to provide even aeration throughout. In this instance, 300m of underground tubing was used.

Our team travelled to Buckie, Scotland to install this system for Mill Brae Fishery ensuring it was a quick and clean installation with no ground disturbance. Once the Aeration System was installed and running our team then applied the advised OASE treatments. This included Sedox and Algolon.

Sedox Phosphate-Binding Water Treatment

Sedox is a phosphate-binding water treatment that controls algae. It binds the phosphates and bonds dissolved phosphate to apatite, depriving the algae of any nutrients, it also additionally supports sludge decomposition.

After combating algae the decaying algae release free nutrients. These free nutrients can become the basis for new algae to grow, often even faster than before. Therefore it is imperative to bind these free nutrients after the algae treatment. OASE water technology offers some of the world’s best nutrient binders. The nutrients are bonded in a way that means they can not be used by algae as a food source. They are able to act as a food source for desired water plants.

AlgoLon Blanketweed and Thread Algae Treatment

OASE AlgoLon is one of OASE’s Professional algae treatments and fights excessive thread algae in lakes and ponds. It destroys algae with active oxygen by increasing the oxygen content in the lake. AlgoLon supports the decomposition of waste products. AlgoLon is also one of OASE’s best blanketweed treatments.

One of the main challenges with ponds and lakes is keeping the water healthy and balanced. Most of the time, the cause of imbalances and poor water quality is surplus nutrients in the water. Nutrient levels that are too high result in excessive algal growth. After stabilising the main water parameters, the OASE water treatment range offers solutions to combat nearly all kinds of algae. The anti-algae treatments are safe to use and do not harm other organisms in the pond, lake, reservoir or fishery.

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