OASE Professional Pond and Lake Water Treatments

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Ponds, lakes, reservoirs and fisheries are living bodies of water that can change and evolve over time. Different external factors create silt and algae problems. This can happen quickly or slowly depending on the environment. The problems can be caused by a build-up of plant debris and animal waste and aggravated by local agriculture, industrial operations and occasionally by sewage treatment works. OASE’s lake and pond water treatments, silt treatments and algae treatments are the professional solution for poor water quality, nutrient issues, algae problems and silt build-up.

Get your water analysed at the OASE laboratory

Before starting any type of work on ponds, lakes, reservoirs or fisheries it is useful to know the state of the water. You can get it analysed at the OASE laboratory where OASE water treatment products are also produced. The lab carries out water analysis that measures nitrite, nitrate, ammonia, pH, carbonate hardness (kH), general hardness (GH), phosphate, total phosphate and electrical conductivity.

OASE professional water technology range

OASE Professional pond and lake treatments

Lake and pond water treatments in three easy steps

Step 1 – Stabilise water parameters

Before fighting algae, sludge or excessively high nutrients, the water parameters need to be stable. Stable pH and kH parameters are important for all living organisms in a pond, lake, reservoir or fishery. If these are too high, too low or fluctuating, the fragile ecosystem of the water body can be damaged.  Oase water technology products for stabilising water not only adjust the pH and kH levels but also help to buffer them. This makes it unnecessary to treat them too often as biological equilibrium can be achieved this way.

Step 2 – Combat algae

One of the main challenges with ponds, lakes, reservoirs or fisheries is keeping the water in a healthy state of equilibrium. Most of the time, the cause of lack of equilibrium is surplus nutrients in the water. If the nutrient levels are too high this results in excessive algal growth. After stabilising the main water parameters, the OASE water technology product range offers solutions to combat nearly all kinds of algae. The anti-algae products are safe to use. They do not harm other organisms in the pond, lake, reservoir or fishery.

Step 3 – Bind excess nutrients

After combating algae the decaying algae releases free nutrients. These free nutrients can become the basis for new algae to grow, often even faster than before. Therefore it is imperative to bind these free nutrients after the algae treatment. Oase water technology offers some of the world’s best nutrient binders. The nutrients are bonded in a way that means they can not be used by algae as a food source. They are able to act as a food source for desired water plants instead.

All of the micro-organisms in our products comply with safety class 1 and pose no threat to humans, animals or the environment.