AirPro 4 Bespoke Aeration Installation, Essex


AirPro 4 Bespoke Aeration Installation, Essex.

AirPro Diffused lake Aeration system with twin Gast compressors next to a lake Heathland Group were contacted by a private client who had recently moved into a new property. The property had multiple lakes connected via a waterfall system. The top lake in the system appeared to be suffering from low levels of dissolved oxygen. The lakes were also experiencing issues with algal growth and needed an aeration system solution. The design team discussed various standard product options. A custom diffused aeration system was the most suitable product selection because of the layout of the lakes.

The cause of poor water quality and algal blooms

The lake had an island situated in the centre. The island was causing dead, stagnant spots and limiting wind disturbance on the lake surface. This was causing the water quality to deteriorate and algal growths to bloom. The aeration system installed used an AirPro 4 diffused lake aerator with adaptions to make it suitable to aerate around an island.

Bespoke aeration around a lake island

This aeration choice is cost-effective with great low prices to suit most budgets whilst retaining strength and reliability for years of use. The AirPro 4 is known for its tough and secure enclosures meaning it is suitable for UK and European installation.

Installation of the bespoke AirPro 4 aeration system

large lake aeration systems, custom aeration system installation EssexHeathland Group experienced aquatics team travelled to Essex to install the custom diffused aeration system. This included a single-phase AirPro 4 with a built-in timer and a steel enclosure. A two way modified manifold, hardware kit and 19mm x 1m bubble air tube were also supplied as part of the system. As soon as the aeration system began working the results were brilliant and the lake became crystal clear.

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