The Benefits of Solar Powered Aeration Systems

Heathland groups SolarAir Eco diffused fishery aerator

The Benefits of Solar Aeration

SolarAir solar powered lake aeration by heathland groupSolar-powered aeration systems have a wide range of benefits. If you own a lake, pond or reservoir you probably would have come up against the need for an aeration system in order to keep your waterbody healthy. Sometimes the lack of power available means a specialist aeration system is required and with the rising energy costs, there is no better option than a solar-powered subsurface aeration system to help keep monthly energy costs down. Heathland Group’s research and development team have engineered the most efficient solar aeration system available on today’s global market.

Features and benefits of using a solar aerator

  • Environmentally friendly, self-contained power source
  • Entire water column circulation
  • Stabilisation of thermal stratification
  • Increased dissolved oxygen levels
  • Eliminates oxygen-related fish kills
  • Reduces mosquito and midge infestations in your lake
  • Reduces risks of the likelihood of algae bloom in your lake
  • Diminishes foul odours from gases
  • Reduces build-up of organic sediment in lakes
  • Improves and preserves a healthy aquatic ecosystem in your lake

Custom diffused aeration equipment

Our team will always ensure that you are recommended the most efficient diffused aeration system for your requirements. We like to ensure that every system we supply and install is the most effective system to not only help combat any existing issues but also to help prevent any further issues.

When recommending a system, a wide variety of parameters are taken into account including:

  • length
  • width
  • depth
  • any obstructions
  • bank side air obstructions (such as trees)
  • fish density
  • shape of the water body
  • access

Solar aeration systems to combat thermal stratification

During the summer, water bodies can suffer from thermal stratification, which is when water becomes divided into layers as shown below. The bottom layer of the reservoir will contain cool, oxygen-depleted water whilst the surface layer of the water will contain warmer oxygen-rich water. These two layers are separated by the thermocline which prevents the two from mixing because of differences in the water density.

A diffused aerator pumps air through the diffuser membranes, which then travels to the surface in the form of millions of tiny bubbles. When these bubbles travel up through the thermal layers they entrain the colder water and this is then carried to the surface layer, where it becomes naturally oxygenated. This colder water circulates and is replaced by warmer water providing complete circulation and balanced temperature.

Circulating and aerating from the base upwards also releases toxic gases that normally become trapped underneath the thermocline layer. This provides a balanced habitat for aquatic life. This aeration process creates aerobic conditions near the water bed and then the microbial process can naturally break down nutrients that might otherwise be used in the production of noxious aquatic weeds and algae.

diagram showing thermal stratification with an aerator operating

Solar-powered aeration system placement

When placing a solar-powered aeration system it is important to consider the placement of the solar panels. It is important that they are placed in an open area, free of shade and any other obstructions that may cause limited light levels. Solar panels should always be south facing in order to have the longest period of exposure to the sunlight during the course of the day. You should always remember that during the winter months the sun will be lower in the sky which may result in shadowing not seen during the summer months.

Heathland Groups Solar Aeration Systems 

Heathland Group is one of the most trusted water aeration installers in Norfolk and offers all its services throughout the UK and Europe. We are here to help you with any requirements from start to finish. We offer a full servicing package with all of our products meaning you will continue to receive continued support from us for the life of your product. For more information on our custom aeration systems or our solar-powered aeration systems please contact us on 0800 3891990 or email us at