Diffused Pond Aeration

diffused pond aeration by Heathland Group

Diffused Air Aeration System for Ponds

The mixing and blending of the water column are crucial when it comes to diffused pond aeration. During the summer most ponds will suffer from thermal stratification, where the water becomes layered with warmer, oxygen-rich water in the top level of the pond, and cooler oxygen-deprived water towards the bottom level. These two layers are divided by a layer called the thermocline. It is the differences in water density at the thermocline which prevents the top and bottom layer from mixing.

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Thermal Stratification - Pond Aeration with diffused pond aerators - Heathland Group - Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex UK

Entraining water is the key!

Heathland Group’s diffused aeration systems pump air through the diffuser membranes. This air travels to the pond surface in the form of millions of tiny bubbles. These tiny bubbles entrain water with them as they travel upwards through the layers of thermal stratification. This water is transported to the surface via the tiny bubbles where it becomes naturally oxygenated, thus aerating the pond.

We have a selection of subsurface aeration diffusers available offering both tube or disc-style diffuser membranes, Disc style diffuser membranes entrain water from the top of the membrane up through the water column. Tube style diffuser membranes entrain water from 360° degrees around the tube, allowing them to reach deeper water whilst the height of the diffuser base prevents them from disturbing the bottom of the pond.

Toxic gasses that were previously trapped under the thermocline can escape by aerating and circulating water from the bottom of the pond, providing a balanced habitat for aquatic life. The aeration also creates aerobic conditions on the pond floor where the microbial processes break down nutrients naturally that might otherwise create a production of noxious aquatic weeds and algae.

Key features of a diffused pond aeration systems in your water feature;

  • Breaks up thermal stratification throughout the water column. This allows the entire water column to be oxygenated and eliminates highs and lows in temperature and oxygen levels.
  • Increases the breakdown of aquatic waste by providing a habitat beneficial for aerobic bacteria to flourish.
  • When operated continuously in freezing climates, these pumps keep areas open in the ice. This allows toxic gases to escape and increases the oxygen level in the water.
  • Winter operation of the aerator keeps areas of ponds unfrozen. This allows birds and other wildlife to gain much-needed water during freezing conditions.
  • It prevents fish deaths that can occur in freezing conditions.

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