Stationary Lake Fountains

stationary fixed base lake fountains - Heathland GroupSpecialist stationary lake fountains designed to be secured to the bottom of your lake or pillar structure

Heathland Group has a wide range of stationary lake fountains designed to provide a safe and permanent fixture in any lake. The design of these fountain models allows them to be easily fixed to the lake bed or pillar. water feature fountain in a pondOur beautiful stationary fountains are ideal for shallower waters or water features in any environment. They will not cause harm to any aquatic life.

Heathland Group’s stationary lake fountains are the highest quality fountains and require minimal maintenance. We can supply and install your beautiful lake fountains and you get years of hassle-free, aesthetically pleasing aeration.

Professional installation service with our water fountains

We offer a professional installation service with all of our stationary lake fountains. However, we can just supply the fountain for you to install yourself. This stationary fountain model is also designed to incorporate LED lighting, which includes fully programable RGBW colour changing lights.

Maintenance services for stationary lake fountains

At Heathland Group we offer a full 3-year part (non-wear) and return to base 3-year labour warranty on our lake fountain range. Also, a 1-year on-site repair warranty if we complete the installation ourselves. We have an in-house service workshop and our team are all qualified to offer exceptional fountain maintenance services designed to keep your fountain investment in top condition.

lake fountain lit with static led fountain lightsOur fixed-base lake fountains can last a long time, with careful maintenance. A bit of maintenance every two years ensures that your fountain runs to the best of its capabilities.

High performance, reliable stationary water fountains

We offer a number of different fountain display pattern options with our stationary lake fountain range and also fountain lighting packages. These fountains are all plug and play. However, we can supply a range of controllers that give you the option to change the switching times for both the fountains and the lighting.

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