Industrial Diffused Aeration

industrial diffused aeration system for wastewater treatments and industrial applicationsIndustrial Diffused Aeration Systems

Diffused Aeration systems are an efficient cost-effective solution for the aeration of wastewater in municipal and industrial settings, the systems can be designed for each individual application to suit any environment.

At Heathland Group we have a range of systems ensuring that we can provide the most efficient solution for any application, our team will work with you to design the perfect system.

The wastewater is treated and stabilised by aeration, which gives microorganisms oxygen. The bacteria require oxygen for biodegradation to take place. Bacteria in the wastewater use the given oxygen to break down organic matter that contains carbon to produce carbon dioxide and water. Bacteria cannot biodegrade the incoming organic materials in an acceptable amount of time if there is insufficient oxygen present. Degradation must take place under septic conditions, which are sluggish, unpleasant, and result in incomplete conversions of pollutants, in the absence of dissolved oxygen. Under septic circumstances, several bacterial processes convert carbon into methane and hydrogen and sulphur to generate hydrogen sulphide.

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Incorporating diffused aeration

When you incorporate diffused aeration from the waterbody bed, the toxic gasses that became trapped are pushed through the thermocline. They are then able to escape. The aeration also creates aerobic conditions near the bed, where microbial processes can naturally break down nutrients. During this process, the diffused aeration also circulates the entire water body. It does this by pushing the lower water column to the surface, as this process takes place surface water is drawn down.

Heathland Group’s diffused air aeration systems pump air through the diffuser membranes. This air is then able to make its way to the surface in the form of millions of tiny bubbles. As these bubbles travel upward through the layers of thermal stratification they entrain water with them. This water is carried to the surface where it becomes naturally oxygenated.


Thermal Stratification and aeration for lakes and ponds - Diffused lake aeration from Heathland Group, Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex, UK


Heathland Group can provide a variety of diffused air aerators for all industrial applications. We offer diffused aeration from both tube or disc-style diffuser membranes, so we have aerators to suit everyone. Disc-style diffuser membranes entrain water from the top of the membrane up through the water column. Tube-style diffuser membranes entrain water from 360° around the tube. This allows them to reach deeper water.

Take a look at our range of industrial diffused aeration systems below or contact us for our team to suggest the best system for your individual application.

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