Installation of An AirPro 6 Diffused Aerator in Boston, Lincolnshire

airpro diffused aeration system installed in a reservoir

Lion Plants are a brassica plug plant propagating nursery based in Fishtoft in Boston, Lincolnshire. They have an on-site water reservoir to irrigate their brassica plug plants. Our team travelled to the nursery to install one of our AirPro 6 Diffused Aerator systems with 6-disc style diffusers in a reservoir used for irrigation purposes.

AirPro 6 Diffused Aerator

AirPro 6

The AirPro diffused aerator is one of the most efficient and effective aerators available in the marketplace. We have worked hard to ensure that we supply a large product range suitable for any aeration requirement. This particular model comes in a variety of sizes ranging from single diffuser aerators up to the largest 6 twin diffuser aerator system. These aerators are extremely strong, robust and reliable and are designed to produce large volumes of air every day of the year, making them ideal for any reservoir application.

Required power comes from a standard single-phase / 230-volt power supply. Even if you don’t have a supply nearby we have successfully installed these systems and run underground airlines over 800m from the compressor to the diffusers. This is generally cheaper than running expensive armoured power cables to your waterbody.

Heathland Group Installation Service

Heathland Group offers a full installation service for all our aeration equipment. This can include full cabling, trenching, control panel installation and setup or aerator installation. This installation was required to improve the water quality of the three reservoirs with two diffusers in each, by increasing the dissolved oxygen levels within the waterbody. Our Installation team completed this task with no issues, giving our client the very best in diffused aeration technology for years to come.

We can supply aeration equipment and our installation services to both domestic and commercial clients in the United Kingdom and throughout Europe. For more information and advice about any of our aeration products, water management and consultancy services, please email or call 0800 3891990.