AquaAir 6 Aerators Serviced in Thetford, Norfolk.

aquaair 6 diffused aeration system serviced

Our professional aerator servicing team travelled to Thetford in Norfolk to carry out a diffused aerator service. This was for three AquaAir 6 aerators installed in a reservoir at the Cranswick Country Foods Norfolk site.

Heathland bespoke aeration design and build using AquaAir 6 diffused aerators

AquaAir 6 diffused aerator service

The AquaAir 6 diffused aerators were originally supplied by the Heathland Group bespoke aeration design and build team in 2018. There are many situations where a bespoke, calculated aeration solution might be required for your lake, reservoir, river or fishery. It is normally possible to calculate customer aeration requirements using an online map. For more delicate operations, we would suggest a site visit to discuss the aeration requirements directly with the customer or end-user. We offer a wide range of bespoke aeration systems to suit almost any requirement.

Diffused aerator service department

Our team carried out a full service at the site, on all three AquaAir 6 diffused reservoir aeration units. This included full mechanical servicing, exchange of serviceable parts, piston rings, seals and a full system calibration. This was to ensure that all units continue to run to the very best standards for our client for years to come.

Our service department offers maintenance, a service or repairs across the entire Heathland Group water fountain and water aerator range, including our bespoke fountain and aerator systems. We are able to service and maintain other manufacturers equipment if and when required. All the fountain and aeration equipment supplied by us is built to stand the test of time. Providing it’s well maintained, the fountains and aerators will last for many years to come.

We have a variety of options available for customers that are looking for advanced yearly or bi-yearly service packages for their fountains and aerators or simply one-off repairs and services. We also offer a full return to base repair and service option for both fountains and aerators. This helps our customers save money and time on service call-outs.

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