AquaMaster Fountains and Aerators

Water fountain and pond aerators: aquamaster

AquaMaster fountains and aerators are based in Wisconsin, USA and are experts in manufacturing beautiful, efficient floating fountains and aerators for many years.

AquaMaster fountains and aerators use innovative designs

AquaMaster Fountains and Aerators

They use the most innovative designs to ensure the fountains and aerators they design and manufacture are of the highest standards. Their fountain and aeration products incorporate the most advanced pumps available in today’s market, therefore they produce high water volumes and high pressures. All AquaMaster manufactured products are cleverly designed to minimise blockages and to stand the test of time. Offering great value for money as they are built to last so don’t break down frequently and last longer than many other cheaper fountains.

Their product range includes; The Masters Series, The Celestial Series, The Volcano II & Hydromax, The AquaAir Diffused Aerator and The AquaAir Solar Diffused Aerator.

Which AquaMaster fountains and aerators are suitable for me?

  • Aquamaster-Celestial-AquariusThe revolutionary Masters Series fountains are designed to perform with longevity in mind and superior warranties. Customise your display from 30+ display patterns to create a show-stopping feature.
  • The sky is your limit with the floating Celestial Series fountain range featuring a stainless steel power unit. Suitable for large ponds or lakes you can customise your display from 10 display patterns.
  • Volcano II and Hydromax are high performance floating surface aerations systems with a low profile. These aerators provide a complete aeration solution using high gallons per minute (GPM) pumping rates and oxygen transfer capabilities.
  • AquaAir diffused aerator and solar aerator range ensures dissolved oxygen levels (DO) are improved throughout the waterbody. They use super-fine bubble technology to achieve the highest level of oxygen transfer rate in the marketplace today. Bottom mounted diffusers are used to dissipate oxygen throughout the entire water column.

For more information on the AquaMaster fountains and aerators we can supply please email us at or call us on 0800 3891990.