Water Fountains

Fountains and Aerators, supplied and installed by Heathland Group, Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex, UKHeathland Group has a dedicated fountains & aerators department 

Heathland Fountains specialises in water fountains, aerators, waterfalls and fountain lighting and waterfall lighting. From smaller displays to the grandest designs, you can imagine, we aim to provide nothing but the best quality products and services.

We provide no obligation quotations on fountain and aeration equipment and we can generally quote on the fountain or aerator system required from a map of the lake, pond or reservoir. In special situations we may need to conduct a site visit, but this usually only happens if we're asked to provide a system to resolve a complex aeration requirement. All site visits are completed by one of our technical sales team members who will then follow the fountain or aeraton project through to completion.

An extensive range of fountains and aerators with something for everyone!

We have a wide range of aeration products that are suitable for ponds, lakes, reservoirs and fisheries, we can also produce bespoke aeration solutions for special situations where there are complex aeration needs. We use nothing but the highest quality materials and components when creating any of our products so we can ensure longevity and reliability when maintained correctly.

Our range of fountains is one of the largest on the market offering fountains for everyone and for every use,  from smaller more subtle fountain displays to the grandest water designs that reach breath-taking heights.

The stunning lighting options we can provide, also add a spectacular night time option to your fountain display so that you get 24 hours a day pleasure from our fountain.  We offer a large range of fixtures and colour options, so our lighting schemes are adaptable to any fountain display and design. We also have a range of waterfall pumps available to give you that added tranquilly of moving water without a fountain.

Our bespoke fountain designs can provide truly unique fountain options for every client. A member of our team will be with you from start to finish on any bespoke design, to ensure you get exactly the fountain you want, as per your specifications and requirements.

We have a professional fountain and aerator maintenance team on hand at our service centre and once your installation is complete you can call on their skills and experience to ensure your investment continues running to the highest of standards.

For take a look at our full range of fountains and aerators please follow the link below to Heathland Fountains and Aerators.