Surface Water Aeration

floating surface aerators for ponds, lakes, fisheries, reservoirs and feature ponds

Specialist Surface Aeration Systems Supplied and Installed by Heathland Group 

The most traditional type of water aerator that you will find on the market is the surface aerator. These aerators are straightforward floating units that propel water into the air without the flow restriction of a display nozzle that would be present on a water fountain. The lack of a nozzle ensures high flow rates and high volumes of surface circulated crashing water. As the water crashes on the surface oxygen is transferred providing dissolved oxygen also known and DO.

floating surface aerator operating with LED lightingHeathland Group has made it its mission to provide the very best quality aerators on the market. Many of the manufacturers on the market will provide some form of surface aeration but none are able to turn over the water volumes that we can.

The movement of water is extremely important for the process of water aeration, healthy dissolved oxygen levels will help keep our waterbody healthy and habitable.

Ulta-High Performance and Low-Cost Surface Aeration

There are certain criteria that our research and design team at Heathland Group have ensured that all of the surface aerators that we offer in our range not only meet but surpass. The main four criteria are:

  • High Performance - with flow rates set at 90,000 litres at just 750 watts, this is 50,000 litres more per hour than our competitors with the same 750-watt motor rating.
  • Economised Running Costs - we've eliminated the need for large, inept motors that simply burn power and move small amounts of water. The motor technology we incorporate means vastly increased performance and high water turnover without the excessive electric bill.
  • Reliability & Longevity - all our floating aerators come complete with 3 years parts warranty and 3 years return to base warranty. They offer high-end motor drives, using environmentally safe oil-filled motors that extend the life of the aerator well beyond the normal limits. In fact, some of our installed aerators that we've maintained have been running for more than 10 years.
  • Reduced Blockages - Our surface aerators have larger grills with increased surface areas to reduce suction flows and the chance of blockages. They use the very same technology used in all our high-end fountains, and that means no jamming.

The Select Series 2 Aerating Fountainsaerating fountains from the select series 2 range operating with and without LED lighting

Heathland Group can offer a range of aerating fountains that combine dazzling display patterns with extremely high flow rates. These provide strong and stable displays with the added bonus of increasing the dissolved oxygen levels within your water body. With these fountains, there is no need to choose between an aesthetically pleasing display and an aerator to improve the water quality. These fountains do it all. As with all of our equipment, we offer a full installation service with these fountains to ensure you gain maximum benefits from your aerating fountain.

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