Solar Aerators

solar aerators, solar powered diffused aeration systems, with solar panels and compressor from Heathland Fountains and Aerator

Solar water aeration with our range of solar aerators

We offer the highest quality solar aerators and solar aeration systems on the aeration market, furthermore, the solar aerators we provide are the most environmentally friendly and efficient systems available. Solar aeration systems eliminate future costs and heavy bills from running large power-consuming surface aerators. Our solar aeration systems are completely solar-powered but also have backup batteries that are charged during the day to ensure the system continues to run throughout the night.

High standard solar aerators

Our solar aerators are manufactured to the same high standards as all our fountain and aeration equipment and they are installed by our professional installation team because at Heathland Group we provide nothing but the best products and solutions available on today’s market.

Diffused solar aeration

Diffuser membranes, using microbubble technology, synergistically lift water from the water bed to the surface. Then atmospheric oxygen transfer occurs and oxygen enhanced, beneficial circulation is created in your lake or reservoir.

When a lake or reservoir is aerated from the lake bed, the trapped toxic gases are pushed through the thermocline, which is caused by thermal stratification and are able to escape therefore this helps to provide a balanced ecosystem within the water body. The process of aeration also creates aerobic conditions so that a microbial process can naturally break down nutrients that might otherwise be used in the formation of noxious aquatic weeds and algae.

Features and benefits of our solar aerators

  • Environmentally friendly, self-contained power source
  • Entire water column circulation
  • Stabilisation of thermal stratification
  • Increased dissolved oxygen levels
  • Oxygen-related fish kills eliminated
  • Solar aerators reduce mosquito and midge infestations in your lake
  • The risk and likelihood of algae bloom in your lake is reduced
  • Foul odours from gases are minimised
  • Reduced build-up of organic sediment in lakes
  • Improves and preserves a healthy aquatic ecosystem in your lake