Diffused Water Aeration

diffused water aeration equipment diagrams and photographs

Specialist Diffused Aeration Systems Designed, Supplied and Installed by Heathland Group 

During the summer months, most waterbodies will suffer from a process called Thermal Stratification, Thermal Stratification is the development of layers within the water. On the bottom of the water body, a cooler, oxygen-depleted layer will develop, this is separated from the warmer, oxygen-rich layer on the surface by a middle layer called the thermocline. The differences in water density at the thermocline prevents the lower layer and surface layer from mixing, this causes harmful gasses to be trapped and oxygen levels to decrease.

By aerating a waterbody from the lake bed, the trapped toxic gases are pushed through the thermocline and are able to escape which helps to provide a balanced ecosystem within the waterbody. The process of diffused aeration also creates aerobic conditions where microbial processes can naturally break down nutrients that might otherwise be used in the formulation of noxious aquatic weeds and algae.

The diffused aeration systems designed and installed by Heathland Group pump air through the diffuser membranes, which then travels to the surface in the form of millions of tiny bubbles. As these bubbles ascend through the layers of thermal stratification they will entrain water. This water is naturally oxygenated once it reaches the surface of the water.

We have a range of systems available to ensure that we have a product suitable for every application. Systems are designed for each individual application to ensure thorough aeration to help improve the natural ecology of the waterbody.

Features and Benefits of Diffused Aeration;

  • ¬†Increases the breakdown of aquatic waste by providing a habitat beneficial for aerobic bacteria to flourish.
  • Breaks up thermal stratification throughout the water column, allowing the entire water column to be oxygenated and eliminating highs and lows in both temperature and oxygen levels.
  • When operating continuously in freezing climates these aerators will keep areas in the ice open and moving to allow toxic gases to escape and maintain the oxygen levels in the water.
  • Winter operation will keep areas free of ice to allow birds and other wildlife to access the much-needed water they require during freezing conditions.
  • Prevents fish kills normally seen in the freezing conditions due to depleted oxygen levels or gas eruptions which are linked to rotting vegetation.


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