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Hydrographic and Bathymetric lake and reservoir services from Heathland Group, Norfolk, Suffolk and Essex UK
Heathland Group has a dedicated department for hydrographic and bathymetric lake & reservoir surveys

We use the latest technology to conduct Hydrographic and Bathymetric surveys in lakes and reservoirs and we are able to offer:

  • Multi-Beam imagining for locating sunken boats, hidden features or general waterway mapping
  • Single-beam dual-frequency surveys for quantifying water to sediment levels within any water body.

GPS enabled equipment is used to generate detailed water surveys

Using GPS enabled equipment we are able to generate a full report which can clearly identify problem areas in your lake or reservoir. The survey also differentiates between hard and softer materials giving you a full picture of what is under the surface or your reservoir or lake.

This is ideally suited at the start and finish for dredging applications so you can ascertain the quantity of silt that needs to removed and then check against the results of the survey upon completion that the dredging successfully removed the wanted quantity of silt.

For Heathland Survey's specialist website on hydrographic and bathymetric surveys please follow the link below: