Heathland OxiAir Shallow Diffused Reservoir Aerator

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Heathland Group’s OxiAir Shallow diffused reservoir aerator is designed with proficiency and integrity in mind. These are very cost-effective and extremely efficient aerators.

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The Heathland OxiAir shallow diffused reservoir has a super silent compressor

The OxiAir Shallow diffused aerator uses a super silent compressor and 500mm diffuser tubes. Air is pushed up through the diffuser membranes, located on the lake bed, through the thermocline to the surface.  This reduces the effects of thermal stratification. Water circulates through the entire water column and increases dissolved oxygen levels. Aeration helps improve crop root strength and reduces algal blooms.

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Features and benefits of the Heathland OxiAir shallow diffused reservoir aerator

  • OxiAir Shallow diffused aerator by heathland group 500mm diffusersSimple plug and play operation
  • Unit available in single-phase (230 Volts)
  • Very low operating costs
  • Will operate in very shallow water
  • No electrical components required in the water body
  • Very reliable, virtually silent and low maintenance
  • Manifolds constructed of brass and stainless for winter operation (most of the competitions units are plastic)
  • Ships in one box/site installation available
  • No loud water movement or splashing
  • Self-weighted air tubingroll of weighted airline used for diffused aeration systems
  • 500mm diffuser tube length
  • 2-year warranty on pump
  • 15-year warranty on weighted hose
  • 5-year warranty on diffusers
  • 5-year warranty on manifold

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OxiAir shallow reservoir diffused aerator installation

Heathland Group offer a full installation service for all our aeration equipment to all of our clients, this can include the following options;

  • Full cabling
  • Trenching
  • Control panel installation
  • Control panel setup
  • Aerator installation

Maintaining your new OxiAir Shallow diffused reservoir aerator

Heathland Group has an in-house fully equipped service centre for general maintenance, servicing and repair of aerators. We can also supply support on-site and maintenance should it not be possible to return the aerator or fountain. However, please note that during the 2-year labour warranty period a charge will be made for a site call out but all on-site time will be completed free of charge.

We supply aeration equipment and our installation services to both domestic and commercial clients in the United Kingdom and throughout Europe. For more information and advice about any of our aeration products, water management and consultancy services, please email info@heathlandgroup.co.uk or call 0800 3891990.


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