Lakewood Masters Series Servicing by Heathland Fountains in Colchester, Essex

Earlier this year our team from the Heathland Fountains Servicing department travelled to Colchester in Essex to tend to two Lakewood Masters Series fountains, one 3HP unit and one 5Hp unit. Our servicing team carried out the three-year service on the 5HP model to ensure it continued running at the high standards we pride ourselves on. This involved a full mechanical service, an exchange of all serviceable parts, oils, seals and system calibrations.

The Heathland Fountains servicing team were also asked to inspect the 3HP unit which was not installed by ourselves or the fountain supplier for any damages and repair any issues which were found. During the inspection of this unit our team found a wiring fault to the photocell which controls the activity of the lighting system. The Heathland fountains Servicing team traced this fault which they then promptly repaired leaving the site with two fully functioning and stunning Lakewood Masters Series Fountains.

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