Bespoke diffused Aeration system supplied and installed in Great Yarmouth’s Venetian Waterways

Bespoke diffused aeration system installed in Venetian waterways Great Yarmouth by Heathland Group

Bespoke diffused aeration systems for unique waterway shapes and designs

Following the renovation of Great Yarmouth’s Venetian waterways, Great Yarmouth Borough Council contacted Heathland Group with a request for our team about aerators.  They asked us to design and install a bespoke diffused aeration system that would efficiently aerate the waterbody which includes many coves and winding areas which are unaffected by wind.

An AirPro diffused aeration system was designed and installed for Venetian waterways

After an inspection of the site, our design team proposed a custom, 24 single-disc, AirPro diffused aeration system to ensure maximum coverage and efficient aeration of all coves and channels. This system incorporated over 1000m of underground airline trenched into the bank around the edge of the waterway to limit the amount of weighted underwater pipeline required

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