Heathland Groups Dedicated Pontoon Solution Department

 This department of heathland group is where to go for anything in the way of floating pontoon systems. Our team here has an extensive knowledge of the systems themselves and have a wide range of products and solutions to choose from for any application. We can supply and install a variety of pontoons and docks for customers in all sectors and for a variety of uses.

Heathland Pontoon Solutions Wide Range and Applications

We have a range of products to suit many situations, these are generally the RotoDock solution or the more common Modular Cube Pontoons. Also, in the range is a selection of Decked Pontoon Systems which offer the home owner, office or commercial building a high-quality decorative pontoon solution. We also have the stunning Marine Dock available which is perfect for anything within the marine environment.

Some of these uses include;

  • Marinas-Boat and large craft mooring.
  • Access to remote areas.
  • Leisure industry.
  • Floating walkways.
  • Work use, access and floating plant.
  • Jet Ski docking.
  • Boat docking.
  • Boat lifts.
  • Aqua parks.
  • Water sports centres.
  • Shopping centres.

As well as the supply and installation side of this department we also offer pontoon hire for those temporary needs whatever they may be. We have a wide range of accessories and components which can be added to our pontoon systems such as hand rails, ladders, utility channels, benches, gangways and many more. Heathland Pontoon Solutions can also provide floating safety barriers, pipe floats, plastic boats, aluminium boats, mooring buoys and lane markers.

Due to the high quality, raw materials and UV resistant technology used in the manufacturing processes, these floating pontoons guarantee resistance against marine environments, therefore giving prolonged life to your investment. All the pontoons we supply and install are manufactured from non-hazardous, recyclable materials and as a result are completely environmentally friendly.

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