Pontoon Equipment

Plastic pontoon for leisure including dock systems, jet ski docks, jetties, gangways, walkways - Heathland Group UKFloating Pontoon and Boat Docking Systems For All Applications

Heathland Group provides the very latest, robust and cost-effective floating pontoon systems available on today's market. We specialise in modular pontoons, boat docking, jet ski ports and marine pontoons for inland ponds, lakes, reservoirs, rivers, canal and marine environments. We provide both a "supply only" and "full supply and installation" service for all of our pontoon equipment throughout England, Scotland and Wales.

We have an expert team who know everything there is to know about plastic pontoons

Our team has extensive knowledge of the pontoon systems themselves and can show you a wide range of products and solutions to choose from for any requirements you have. We can supply and install a variety of pontoons and docks for customers in all sectors and for a variety of uses.

Heathland Group offer a range of pontoons for multiple uses

We have a range of products to suit almost any situation this includes the RotoDock Modular Pontoon, Modular Cube Pontoon, and Marine Dock Pontoon.

RotoDock Pontoon

Lake - RotoDock PontoonRotoDock modular floating pontoon systems can meet any and all of your docking requirements. The unique modular capabilities and ease of use allow for a wide range of docking, mooring, and platform possibilities in both marine settings and inland waterways. RotoDock pontoon systems are highly adaptable and are therefore ideal for all requirements and environmental conditions. RotoDock also has a wide range of special accessories allowing any system to be completely bespoke and tailored to each client's individual requirements.

Modular Cube Pontoon

Our Plastic modular cube pontoons are ultra-strong, making them extremely suitable for both protected and unprotected environments. Cube pontoon systems are extremely lightweight, making installation and handling simple whilst still providing a strong and robust pontoon system. Modular cube pontoon systems can be built into virtually any shape and size or both permanent and temporary installations.

Marine Dock Pontoon

Marine Dock was designed to meet the international demand for strong, robust and versatile access pontoon systems while retaining the class and quality of the very large and awkward to handle pontoon competition. This is a product that looks stunning, makes a marina look a level above the competition and consequently attracts more clients.  Above all, it will remain in top condition due to the fact it's extremely strong and durable.

Our pontoons can be used as follows;

  • Marinas-boat and large craft mooring.
  • Access to remote areas.
  • Leisure industry.
  • Floating walkways.
  • Work use, access, and floating plant.
  • Jet ski docking.
  • Boat docking.
  • Boat lifts.
  • Aquaparks.
  • Water sports centres.
  • Shopping centres.

We offer pontoons for hire for temporary requirements and special events

As well as the supply and installation side of this department we also offer pontoon hire for temporary needs, whatever they may be. We have a wide range of accessories and components that can be added to our pontoon systems such as handrails, ladders, utility channels, benches, gangways and many more. Heathland Pontoon Solutions can also provide floating safety barriers, pipe floats, plastic boats, aluminium boats, mooring buoys and lane markers.

Our pontoons are resistant to damage and UV and eco-friendly

Due to the high quality, raw materials and UV resistant technology used in the manufacturing processes, these floating pontoons guarantee resistance against marine environments, therefore giving prolonged life to your investment. All the pontoons we supply and install are manufactured from non-hazardous, recyclable materials and as a result, are completely environmentally friendly.

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