Select Series 2 Stationary Pond Fountains

select series 2 stationary pond fountains by heathland group

Select Series 2 stationary pond fountains

The Select Series 2 range of stationary pond fountains are spectacularly efficient and combine beauty and functionality. This range of water fountains range from 1 HP to 7.5 HP and they are engineered to minimise stress on the motor and increase overall performance, providing the very best water display in your pond. These fountains are created from high strength composite materials and offer the very best technology in the UK and European market. Designed to last for years these units are world-class for performance and life expectancy.

The unique design of this range of pond water fountains requires no additional float, they are specifically designed to be fixed to a pond bed or pillar structure if they are to be placed in a deeper location. Everything is supplied from the pump, nozzle right through to the mounting brackets.

Select Series 2 stationary pond fountains – features & benefits

  • 17 display nozzle pattern available
  • Nozzles are interchangeable
  • High strength composite pump components
  • Ultra-high performance
  • Lightweight propellers increase motor life
  • Easy clean, high strength composite suction screen
  • Patent pending.
  • Quick disconnect.
  • Control panels available for safety and timer control
  • Available with single colour LED 30watt or 80watt Lighting
  • Available with full RGBW colour changing LED 30watt or 80watt Lighting
  • 3-year part warranty (non-wear parts)
  • 2-year extended parts warranty option
  • 3-year return to base labour warranty