OASE SeDox Phosphate Binding Water Treatment

OASE SeDox Phophate binding water treatment applied by Heathland Group UKProfessional SeDox Phosphate binding water treatment from OASE

OASE Professional SeDox phosphate-binding water treatment controls algae permanently. It binds the phosphates and bonds dissolved phosphate to apatite, depriving the algae of any nutrients, it also additionally supports sludge decomposition.

After combating algae the decaying algae release free nutrients. These free nutrients can become the basis for new algae to grow, often even faster than before. Therefore it is imperative to bind these free nutrients after the algae treatment. OASE water technology offers some of the world’s best nutrient binders. The nutrients are bonded in a way that means they can not be used by algae as a food source. They are able to act as a food source for desired water plants.

SeDox controls algae by permanently bonding phosphates

An abundance of nutrients is one of the biggest problems in ponds and lakes as high levels of phosphate mostly lead to excessive growth of algae.

SeDox converts phosphates, the most important nutrient for algae in water, to the insoluble mineral apatite. The apatite that is formed is not harmful to fish or other living organisms. It is absorbed as a nutrient through the roots of aquatic plants. Algae are not able to use apatite for nutrition.

The algae are deprived of the nutrient phosphate. In this way, excessive algal growth is prevented. SeDox is effective for up to six weeks, depending on the phosphate levels. During this time it reduces the phosphate content of the water to less than 0.035 mg/l, the critical factor for excessive algae growth.

SeDox also facilitates the decomposition of sludge in lakes and ponds. Since excessive algal growth speeds up the sludge building process the reduction of the algal nutrients additionally prevents of quick formation of sludge.

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