OASE OptiLake Water Treatment

OptiLake Water treatment from base applied by Heathland Group to improve water qualityOASE OptiLake water treatment for improved water quality in lakes, ponds and reservoirs 

OptiLake water treatment from the OASE professional range of water treatments stabilises water parameters and improves water quality in ponds, lakes and reservoirs. These treatments help improve these habitats for plants and animals. They stabilise the water parameters and bonding heavy metals. This water treatment is an immediate remedy for ammonia poisoning and is essential when using rainwater.

Basic pond, lake, reservoir and fishery water treatment product for great water quality

Before fighting algae, sludge or excessively high nutrients, the water parameters need to be stable in a water body.  The pH and kH parameters are important for all living organisms in any pond, lake, fishery or reservoir.  If they are too high, too low or fluctuate all the time, this can impair or damage a fragile ecosystem. The OASE Professional range of water treatments stabilises water. They do this by adjusting the pH and kH levels, they also help to buffer them. This means you don’t have to treat your water body too often as biological equilibrium can be achieved this way.

Water parameters can often change and become unstable. This can be due to the growth of algae or plants or increasing fish populations. The water you use to top up the pond and leaves and debris falling into the pond, lake, fishery or reservoir can have an impact too. Permanently high pH values above 8.5 and strong fluctuations in the pH value mean stress for plants and animals.

Improve the quality of the water in your pond, lakes or reservoir

OptiLake water treatment improves the water quality. This allows ecological equilibrium to be achieved in your lake or reservoir.  This water treatment provides essential calcium and carbon dioxide which quickly creates an ideal environment for all fish, plants and inhabitants or a water body. This provides a buffer that ensures a stable pH value between 7.5 and 8.3 in the pond, lake, fishery or reservoir and therefore fluctuations in the pH value are prevented.

OASE OptiLake water treatment supports the biological self-purification of the water

An optimal carbon dioxide concentration, together with ideal hydrogen carbonate and calcium contents, are imperative to the survival of all living organisms in the pond, lake, fishery or reservoir. OptiLake water treatment also supports the growth and reproduction of algae-eating micro-organisms (e.g. daphnia and rotatoria). This means biological self-purification of the pond, lake, fishery or reservoir begins immediately!  This creates ideal conditions for micro-organisms that break down toxins in the pond, lake, fishery or reservoir. An additional positive side effect is that OptiLake water treatment also reduces the corrosion of pipe-work and pumps meaning your equipment last longer.

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