OASE ClearLake Nitrate and Ammonium Water Treatment

Clearlake Nitrate and ammonium water treatment for ponds and lakes applied by heathland groupClearLake Nitrate & Ammonium water treatment from OASE

ClearLake nitrate and ammonium water treatment is one of the professional water treatments from OASE’s range of products. It fights cloudiness caused by nitrates and ammonium and contains natural micro-organisms. These restore and maintain the biological balance in your lake or pond and also helps decompose dirt and suspended particles

Before you begin the battle against algae, sludge, or excessively high nutrients, the water parameters of your lake or pond must be stable. Stable pH and kH parameters are important for the well-being and existence of all living organisms in the pond.  If the nutrient levels are too high, too low or they fluctuate all the time, the fragile ecosystem of the water body can be damaged.  OASE water treatments for stabilisation not only adjust the pH and kH levels but also help to buffer them. This reduces the number of times that further treatment is necessary. Biological equilibrium can be achieved this way.

Microbiological water purification and care

ClearLake nitrate and ammonium water treatment works by using specially bred micro-organisms that decompose and mineralise pollutants (uric acid, oil, grease, and cellulose) in the water. The special combination of micro-organisms used amplifies the self-purification process in ponds. The biological decomposition of dead leaves and plants, fish waste, food residue, and fertilizer is activated and accelerated. This way ClearLake contributes to the sustainable stability of the pond. It also improves the water quality of your lake or pond.

ClearLake nitrate and ammonium water treatment removes toxins and counteracts putrefaction.

The use of ClearLake counteracts putrefaction and the possible development of toxic gases. ClearLake promotes clear, healthy water as well as the healthy development of the pond. ClearLake also helps to break down toxins (nitrite, ammonia, etc.), which improves the overall quality of life for all plant organisms. The result is natural-looking water with the ideal biological equilibrium.

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