New Product Launch – OASE PeriDox Blanketweed & parasite treatment


Does your fishing lake or reservoir suffer from fish parasites? Is your pond perpetually covered in blanketweed or other filamentous algae? Make it a new year’s resolution to book a professional treatment of OASE PeriDox water treatment from our experienced aquatics team. Murky water will be a thing of the past by the summer and your pond, lake or reservoir will look incredible reflecting the summer sunlight.

What is blanketweed?

Blanketweed-Treatment-OASEPeridoxBlanketweed is a form of filamentous algae that looks like green cotton wool and suffocates aquatic life beneath the surface. The aquatic weed doesn’t have leaves, roots or stems that attach themselves to the ground. It floats freely as threadlike algae and can attach itself to the edges of ponds and lakes. Blanketweed thrives on excess mineral salts and nutrients in your pond, lake or reservoir water. It clings to existing, beneficial oxygen providing aquatic plants in the waterbody, smothering and killing them, thus reducing oxygen levels.

How can I remove Blanketweed?

OASE PeriDox water treatment is professionally applied to ponds lakes or reservoirs to remove Blanketweed. When PeriDox comes into contact with water parasites or larvae it triggers an oxidation process destroying the parasite cell structure. The oxygen released through the oxidation process is dissolved directly in the water. This instantly increases the oxygen content in the water. If the recommended PeriDox dosage is applied, parasite larvae that can normally live for 33-48 hours are killed off in 3 hours. This is dependent on waterbody temperature.

Case Study – Eliminate Blanketweed with OASE PeriDox water treatment

OASE PeriDox Water Treatment, Blanket weed treatment applied by Heathland Group UKIn October 2021, Heathland Groups team visited a domestic customer’s boating lake to apply OASE PeriDox Treatment. Our team carried out a bathymetric survey of the boating lake to determine how much water treatment to apply. The product was applied from the company’s boat which is fully equipped for this process. This treatment is licensed for application by professionals in the field. It is not available to purchase by the general public.

The domestic customer in Norfolk also ordered a Heathland OxiAir Shallow 6000 Aerator to aerate his boating lake. OASE SchlixX silt water treatment was also applied to combat organic sludge and help clear the water.

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