New OASE Professional Lake and Pond Water Treatments

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Heathland Group is delighted to add the OASE Professional Lake Therapy range to our comprehensive selection of products. Our range is specially designed for ponds, lakes, reservoirs and waterways. Our experienced aquatics team are available to consult and apply professional treatments. Order today before silt, sludge or algae destroy the ecology of your waterbody!

PeriDox-oase-pond-and-lake-treatment-heathland-groupOASE’S range includes lake and pond water treatments, silt and algae treatments. They are the professional solution for nutrient issues, poor water quality, silt build-up and algae problems.

Water bodies can change and evolve over time depending on external factors. How do you know if your pond lake or reservoir is not ecologically balanced? You will notice an increase in silt, algae, aquatic weed, fish deaths or bad odours when the ecology of a water body is not balanced.

The issues are created by animal waste from local agriculture or industrial operations and sewage treatment works creating a build-up of plant debris.

Water Analysis from the OASE laboratory

SchlixX-silt-reduction-treatment-applied-by-heathland-groupHeathland Group offers OASE laboratory water analysis tests. This is performed in the same laboratory where the OASE Professional water treatment products are manufactured. The lab carries out water analysis that measures nitrite, ammonia, pH, nitrate, carbonate hardness (kH), general hardness (gH), phosphate, total phosphate and electrical conductivity.

Before applying any water treatments we recommend a water treatment analysis. So you will clearly know which treatments will be most effective. This saves our clients money and time applying treatments that will not combat the original cause.

Pond and Lake Treatments are usually applied for three reasons –

  1. Stabilise water parameters
  2. Bind excess nutrients
  3. Combat algae

OASE Professional Lake and Pond Water Treatments Range

The OASE professional lake and pond water treatments are available in a range of products –

  • AlgoLon fights excessive thread algae and blanket weed
  • SeDox combats excessive phosphate content
  • SeDox Speed combats excessive phosphate content extra fast
  • OptiLake stabilises water parameters
  • SchlixX removes sludge
  • SchlixX Plus combats organic sludge
  • PeriDox reduces parasites in fish farms and blanketweed
  • ClearLake fights cloudiness, nitrite and ammonia
  • AlgoClear combats blue-green algae.


Call our experts today on 0800 389 1990 to discuss which external factors are affecting your waterbody. We will arrange for water analysis samples to be taken and apply the correct treatment to combat your individual issues.