Marine Equipment

Aquatic engineering services, Marine Equipment including surveys, piling, water management, aeration, fountains, Heathland Group UKMarine equipment for commercial and domestic use

Heathland Group provides a range of marine equipment for use in both commercial and domestic sectors. These products are all made from HDPE (high-density polyethylene) and are extremely durable, reliant, robust and corrosion-resistant.

Floating safety barriers

The floating safety barriers available from Heathland Group are the perfect solution for managing areas of waterways that need security. They can also be used to restrict areas of navigation and to deter unwanted traffic in an area of a lake, marina or section of a river or canal. These floating safety barriers come in a range of colours designed to be highly visible making them perfect for indicating navigable limits.

Pipe floatsĀ 

We offer a large range of extremely robust pipe floats that have been designed for years of use making them the perfect product choice for long term projects and future work investments. These pipe floats are commonly used in the dredging industry but they are also used for water movement in the water treatment industry to transfer large volumes of water from one location to another.

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