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Do you provide fountains and aerators for commercial and domestic customers?

We have a wide range of customers in the commercial and domestic sectors, so we can offer our fountain and aerators both supply only with installation services. We also offer a wide range of aquatic treatments for any private, commercial, public sector water body, and even for industrial uses.

Are your algae treatments, pond dyes, and water treatments safe for the environment? 

Yes, all of our available water treatments including pond and lake dyes and algae and blanketweed treatments are completely safe for the environment. In the OASE professional water treatment range, all of the micro-organisms in these products comply with safety class 1 and pose no threat to humans, animals, or the environment. Pond and lake dyes are manufactured using the highest quality colours and are rigorously tested to EU food additive standards meaning they are safe for humans, animals, fish, amphibians, and insects.

Do you have a blue-green algae treatment?

Yes, we do, the OASE AgoClear blue-green algae treatment combats blue-green algae by blocking photosynthesis and light absorption with SpektroSorp, preventing mass algae growth and blue-green algae growth.

for more information please see OASE AlgoClear Blue-Green Algae water treatment.

Do you have a blanketweed treatment?

Yes, OASE Professional AlgoLon blanketweed and thread algae aquatic treatment and OASE professional PeriDox blanketweed and harmful parasite aquatic treatment both combat blanketweed.

For more information please see OASE Algolon Blanketweed & Thread Algae water treatment or OASE PeriDox Blanketweed & harmful parasite water treatment

Is there an alternative to dredging? 

Yes, and we are the only company in the United Kingdom to offer a silt reduction treatment as an alternative to dredging. Oase Professional SchlixX is a silt reduction treatment that removes the need for heavy machinery to dredge and disruption to your pond or lake. it is applied by our trained professionals to ensure optimum results.

For more information please see OASE SchlixX Silt Reduction water treatment.

Do you supply fountains and aerators for self-installation?

All of the fountains and aerators we have available on this website, including the bespoke fountains and aeration options, are available for anyone to install themselves. The smaller fountains and aerators are very easy to install and require very little knowledge but we would suggest that our larger aerators and fountains are installed by ourselves as this will guarantee the performance you require and ensure that everything works smoothly for you.

Will you supply and install your fountains and aerators anywhere in the UK?

Yes, we supply and install our fountain and aeration equipment anywhere in the UK, Ireland and the rest of Europe.

Do you guarantee your fountains and aerators and their installation?

All of the fountain and aerator installation work is guaranteed against defect for a minimum period of 1 year, this period will only increase based on the installation type, as some more complicated installations may have a longer labour warranty period of 2 or even 3 years. All of our fountain and aeration products generally have a 2-year parts warranty, but these guarantees do require the equipment to be returned to our service centre for repair or service. We do also offer an on-site engineer but this would be chargeable outside of any installation warranty.

Why should we choose your fountains and aerators over cheaper ones available online?

In general cheaper fountains and aerators, available online, are imports from the far east, these work and they do what they say on the box, but they don’t have a great shelf life  (most only a year) and generally, they come with no back-up or support. You will also find most of these fountains and aerators are manufactured using cheap pumps that require high maintenance and lots of cleaning, something our fountains and aerators don’t require because of the years of research involved in getting them to run well and operate even in poor conditions.  Our fountains are also more economical to run making them the cheaper option long term and better for the environment as they don’t use so much energy. So although more expensive our fountains and aerators, last longer and cost less to run, some last up to ten years with careful maintenance (maintenance is also minimal).

How often should fountains or aerators be cleaned?

These fountain and aeration units don’t use a traditional centrifugal style pump like many of the cheaper brands, they use high-end technology, which gives sustained performance over long periods of time. This means extremely low maintenance requirements and a huge reduction in blockages from debris such as leaf matter and rubbish.

It is always a good idea to check the grills if you see a reduction in performance but historically the only time we hear from our customers is during the high leaf fall of Autumn, once a year.

We have a lake surrounded by trees, will this cause problems and blockages in our fountain?

If you have a lake surrounded by trees, we can offer a fountain or aerator with a larger grill. This increases the surface area of the water intake and therefore reduces the suction draw, stopping larger debris from blocking the pump grill.

For further information or if you have any questions that aren’t answered here, then please contact us.


For more information on our range of Fountains and Aerators please visit: www.heathlandfountainsandaerators.co.uk