Cluster Arch floating water fountain at Exeter Golf & Country Club

ss2 cluster arch floating lake fountain installed at Exeter golf club

Floating water fountain installation in Exeter.

Heathland Group were contacted by Exeter Golf and Country Club. They requested that we supply and install a Select Series 2 floating water fountain in a pond within their golf course.

Cluster Arch floating pond fountain installation at Exeter Golf Club

A Select Series 2 Cluster Arch floating water fountain was the best choice

Heathland Fountains suggested the Select Series 2 Cluster Arch floating lake fountain would fit the clients requirements for this project. Whilst on-site our team also moved the current Solar AquaAir diffused aerator. The aerator was moved from the larger pond into a smaller pond. The team installed a pump system within a drain on the grounds. Our servicing centre team serviced another fountain already on the grounds, not supplied or installed by Heathland Group.


Our team provided a trunking system from the power source to the edge of the pond where the floating lake fountain would be positioned and to the drain where the pump would be installed. This ensured there was no unnecessary disturbance to the grounds at the Exeter Golf and Country Club. The team arrived on-site and started work feeding the required cabling and preparing the Cluster Arch SS2 floating lake fountain for installation.  We supplied a control panel with the fountain so the client had the option of a timer for the fountain if required.

SS2 Cluster Arch fountain placementCluster Arch floating pond fountain at Exeter Golf Club - Heathlands Fountains and Aerators Norfolk

The team then decided the correct location for the best visual effect from the SS2 Cluster Arch floating lake fountain. It was then anchored into position using Heathland Groups innovative anchor system. This anchoring technique makes sure the fountain doesn’t move in the lake.


The Solar AquaAir diffused lake aerator previously installed, was moved and repositioned in the smaller of the two ponds. This helped to improve the dissolved oxygen levels and the ecological balance in the pond. Improvement had already been made to the larger of the two ponds at this end of Exeter Golf and Country Club’s Golf Course. The team then moved on to installing the pump for the drainage system.

Cluster Arch floating pond fountain installed with full service backup by Heathlands Fountains and Aerators

Heathland fountains servicing team

Once this was complete Heathland Fountains Servicing Team then performed a full service on an existing fountain located on the golf course. This included a full mechanical service and fountain testing to ensure everything was running correctly and performing well.

A Select Series 2 Cluster Arch floating lake fountain was selected from the Select Series 2 floating lake fountain range. A Solar AquaAir diffused aeration system was also selected from the diffused lake aeration range, for this project. The Heathland Fountains Fountain and Aerator Servicing Centre were also contracted as part of the project. For information on any of our services or products please email us at or call us on 0800 3891990.